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Should I slightly posterior tilt my lumbar spine on glute bridges and hip thrusts?

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I am learning glute bridges and hip thrusts. I saw a couple of videos mention that lumbar spine should be slightly posteriorly tilted at glute bridges and hip thrusts. Is this movement pattern safe?

My concern is I have never kept my lower spine in slightly posterior tilt on my main lifts(deadlift, squat). My concern is learning different lower spine movement pattern will affect my main lifts and cause lower spine injury while deadlifting and squatting because I got used to neutral spine.

Here are the videos: 


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Yes, it's safe for most people - the slight posterior tilt usually helps people to avoid an anterior tilt (which most desk-sitters are prone to), and can prevent lumbar hyperextension. It also emphasises glutes to help prevent our lower back or hamstrings to compensate for poor muscle activation in the glutes.

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