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Snarky's Epic Quest of Questiness

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Okay, I've been thinking about this for a while


Things I'd love to do:


  • Ride a bike in a different country
  • Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  • Ride a Horse in the Western US (yeehaw!)
  • Play a ukulele in Hawaii
  • See the Northern Lights
  • To learn to kayak
  • Try white water rafting
  • Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  • learn other languages for touristy purposes
  • learn more about photography (so I can take photos of all the things!)
  • write a book
  • lose 100 pounds


Places I want to walk around 

  •  Acadia National Park, Maine US -Completed September 2019!
  • Arches National Park, Utah
  • Glacier National Park, Montana
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Danube River Cruise, Munich, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest- scheduled 2020!
  •  Italy
  • Paris, France 
  • Return to Ireland (and not be sick :D )
  • Through the Bamboo forest near Kyoto, Japan



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Tickets to Maine and the hotel are all booked for this fall. I'm so excited! This is a great short-term motivator to get off my butt and work towards my fitness goals. This is going to be a bit more challenging than the trails around my home, so I'll need to take advantage of the time I have to get strong and build endurance.


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Epic Quest: Lose 100 pounds 

Progress Post



June 24, 2019- 8 pounds lost

July 18 2019- 2 pounds lost

August 13, 2019- 3 pounds lost

September 6 2019- 2 pounds lost

October 28, 2019- 1 pound lost

November 2 2019 - 2 pounds lost

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This is the month for Maine! I'm really looking forward to exploring Acadia, and I can't wait to take pictures of the views. And it will feel REALLY good to cross off an item on my epic quest list. 


I'm nowhere near the shape I'd like to be in for this trip. But I've made a lot of personal progress since I posted this Epic Quest, and I'm really proud of myself.  I feel like I'm finally taking care of me, and I'm happier than I've been in a long time. 

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ACADIA IS SO GREAT!!! I really loved it there. We had really lovely weather the entire week, so I felt really lucky about that.

Mom and I went hiking up and down Gorham Mountain which was a really big deal for us, and around the Jordan Pond trail, which was less of a big deal, but more of a really enjoyable time. We walked along the carriage roads with Dad, and did lots of window and actual shopping in town and tried a new restaurant every day. It was a really great vacation.

We started Gorham mountain along the Beehive trail side, and everyone who looked at mom and I said in alarm "You're going to do the Beehive?" and we said "We're just going up the mountain." but then we SAW the Beehive Trail and went up a little just to see what it was like. Full of iron rungs, narrow ledges and it looks AWESOME. But my legs were already worn out from hiking the day before, so we just went up Gorham and saw some AMAZING views.  

There were parts of the hike that were really challenging. I got to climb down iron rungs. WHICH WAS SO AWESOME!!!  and terrifying. Ladders freak me out.  I injured my quad on the way down and hobbled for the last couple days, but it was WORTH IT. I also had bruised knees, but I really think only one was from that hike and the other was from being in tiny bus seats. 

One day I'll go back in really good shape, having conquered my fear of ladders. Maybe wear some gloves or get chalk for my sweaty palms. But I'm coming back to Acadia one day and I'm checking off more trails. Cadillac Mountain Trail, The Beehive! I'm happy we got three really good hikes in over the week, with some fun touristy rest days in between, but I definitely have some clearer fitness goals!

I'm so glad to check this box off! :D What a great trip! I'll post pictures soon!

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Some photos from Maine and Acadia National Park 


View of The Bubbles from Jordan Pond Loop trail




The top of Gorham Mountain, our most challenging day!




The other side of Thunder Hole





Sunrise over the Harbor





For hiking, I really love the AllTrails app. It was great especially on Gorham to gauge how far we still had to go, and celebrate where we’ve been.


I found myself during our hikes, past all the anxiety, and doubt, and found a version of myself that gives me hope that life is going to be okay. It was pretty cool

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Maintaining a 15 pound weight loss was a little more difficult than I realized. It took a little time for my body to learn THIS was my new healthy weight balance. So now that it's not actively trying to gain weight back, I am starting to lose weight again. I'm learning that I need to feel more challenged in my exercise, and that instead of getting sucked into a diet, I just need to focus on eating vegetables, and the rest seems to follow. Vegetables. :P


The weather is cool now, and perfect for hiking. The trails are dry, the leaves are changing color, and crisp breeze keeps the bugs away. (mostly) Mom and I are going out every other day right now, and it feels so great. I feel at least 50 pounds lighter in my heart. :)




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It's been an exciting month! I was in the running to illustrate a children's book for a small company that was self-publishing, and I didn't get the job. Which is really great, because I did not want that job. But I did get a job offer to do character designs for a local exhibit, and y'all, I am SO EXCITED and really, REALLY want this job. If this can open the door for some business with local places, that would be amazing. 


Fingers crossed I get it!


I've lost a pound, which considering this is PMS bloat time, I feel really good about that progress. I'll get weighed in a couple more weeks. I learned that I love chopping wood. It's therapy, a workout, AND gets something done around the house. I found a purpose in cleaning as well, because frankly, I'm the only one with enough energy to get it done right now. Everyone is depressed, and Mom has her hands FULL with taking care of Dad who may be finally accepting his blindness. We'll see. I say this without judgment, because I can't even imagine the struggle it takes to not see. I ate one meal with my eyes closed, and I was ready to throw my plate across the room.  We've split up cooking duties pretty evenly, and we take turns making delicious and inedible dishes. :)


I pared down my travel wish list. It started to feel more overwhelming than epic, so I thought "Do I really want to go there, or am I checking off a box?" The nice thing about the list is that if I change my mind and say "I DO want to go to Iceland!" I can add it to the list. Initially, taking a river cruise down the Danube wasn't on my list at all but knowing I'm going next year is really exciting, and it deserves a spot on the list. :)



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I didn't get the job. It's okay. I was really bummed out at first, but then I have all this free "not working" time to do stuff that I've always wanted and get a little closer to my epic quest goals. 


Tomorrow is my 39th birthday. I've been thinking about everything I have and haven't accomplished, especially with everyone on social media saying "It's the end of a decade, what have you done with your life?" 


I came to the conclusion that I like my life the way it is. It's a good life. I travel, I have lots of time to create whatever I really want. I have great friends, and a wonderful family. There are some things I'd like to change.


1. Reach out to friends more. Schedules get busy.

2. Take charge of my health. This is a long-term goal. I'm okay with it. I lost 15 pounds this year so far. I'm going to go for 20 by the end of the year.

3. Finish some art projects and send them out. I keep trying to guarantee that my work is good enough to get published, and I'm focusing on the wrong goal. I have no control whether my work gets published. So I end up getting perfectionist brain and never finishing anything because it's not perfect enough.  This is silly.  I do have control over finishing the projects I have and sending them out. So I'm just going to relax, have fun, and finish the work. Done is good.

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