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Snarky's Epic Quest (Updated! Pandemic Edition)

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2 minutes ago, Akari said:

Hi, I saw you want to learn German. If you would like to have some talks to a real German then ask me :)

Thanks! I'd appreciate that! I hope to travel to Germany after these Uncertain Times are over, and while I know I will be an absolute tourist, it's always nice to listen to someone and understand them, instead of blankly staring and saying "Ahhhhh....ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch." 


Like, when is it better to say "Tut mir leid" vs "Entschuldigung?" 


Danke für Ihre hilfe! 

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Es tut mir Leid - I am sorry.

Ich bitte um Entschudigung. - I ask for forgiveness.

For example if you ask someone on the street what time it is: Entschuldigung, können Sie mir sagen wie spät es ist?

If you want to apologize for a bad behaviour you can use both.

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Was wäre das Leben, hätten wir nicht den Mut, etwas zu riskieren. Vincent van Goch

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