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UnquietBones does a respawn (again!)

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For the last year or so my job (and it's related stresses) have eaten my life. I got almost nothing done, no writing, no artwork, no assassin'ing... my life was put on hold. I tried to respawn several times and all of them failed. :(


Last Friday was my last day at that job and this coming Monday is my first at another one. I've spent the last week slowly detoxing from a mindset I didn't even realize I was stuck in. It's a little scary to hear people who only you see once every few months tell you how happy they are you have a new job because they had seen how stressed you were. I really didn't think it was that bad!


But now that this silly frog is out of the boiling water, I don't want to fall back in.


So I am recommitting to these forums and hopefully to art and writing and all the things that brought me joy before. It's time to put on my Assassin gear and get back on the Bat-horse!


...but slowly! :lol: I know enough from all my old four-week challenges that I overcommit and try to fix everything at once. So I'm going to pick some little wins and baby steps and focus on what small favors I can do for tomorrow-Me. I deserve to have a yesterday-self that looks out for me, so mindfulness is going to be a big thing.


So hullo again! :D

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