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Salinger's twenty first challenge!

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So i guess this is the last day, im kinda glad as i want a new challenge.  I NEED to get my eating in check, im putting on weight because im eating crap, being lazy. Ordering take outs etc. LAZY. Awful. My face is bloated and sickening. five bloody chins :( feel awful too, lethargic and fat. and heavy and disgusting. 


First thing is getting food back on track....


Anyway, this weekend ive done nothing, again, been lazy. Napped, just done no work. Need to get a bloody grip. 


Ok the challenge was fine overall, gym and food was awful but i did my Venice trip. And that was successful. 


I think ill have a bath (its 8.30pm) perhaps ill also tidy my room a bit ... its pretty MESSY. haha


Bored and really got a change. x

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9 hours ago, jcmgm said:

Have a nice end of the weekend! You'll get things in check, you can do it!




Thanks JC!!!!!


My new challenge is up.... 



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You can do it! I believe in you :) And don't be so hard on yourself! Change is slow, and sometimes people slide back. The important thing is to keep moving forward. 

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