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elizevdmerwe - It's about nr.23 & Countdown...8

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22 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

Sounds like you needed to be a bit aggressive, or you might still be sitting there at the light.:friendly_wink:

Rocco said it sounded like I growled a bit, which made me pause and thought about the situation. Cattle blocking traffic I can still understand, they don't really know about coloured lights. :D But drivers should know better. But *shrug* it happens everywhere, I just need to keep a tab on my aggression levels.


I've installed Titanfall 2 on my computer, a first person shooter game, and have had a good time playing and getting rid of some pent up emotions. I bought the game for Rocco last year after reaching a reading goal, with the specific condition that I'm partly buying it for myself as well, as it was much more expensive than the game we bought Adam for reaching that reading goal. So I finally got around to installing and playing it. The online chat help from EA and Origin (in USA of course) was very helpful and patient helping me to get through the red tape of having one game with one code installed on two different machines, although within one household. So not piracy!


Monday Eric came to work, but he soon complained about a bad headache. I knew he hadn't had breakfast, but from his story I thought he was dehydrated too. So I made him eat his breakfast and drink some water, before taking a headache pill, and sent him home on a day's sick leave with pay. Then this morning a similar thing happened with Thoko. She was so short of breath when she got here, her asthma pump not having helped her at all. I made her eat breakfast, then dropped her off in town, so she didn't have to walk to the nearest bus stop. Neither of them eat early when they come to work for us, because they know I make them breakfast, and lunch. So today was really quiet here at home. We got through school work, then Rocco started complaining about a headache and tummy ache! Gave him a panado, and made him lie down for an hour. He missed sport too.


Oh I did manage to walk during Lego yesterday, but didn't do a workout Tuesday morning. I had to tow Brandt's Uno home. The car just cut out in the middle of an intersection Tuesday morning. Luckily someone helped him push the car out of traffic, he phoned me, I drove down (close to us), he connected up and I pulled him back home. With the car safely at home, I drove Brandt to work, and had to fetch him again that evening. Wednesday the car started as if nothing was wrong! Today too! Brandt's bicycle's back wheel also had trouble on Monday, so that's in to be repaired too :D Lol, guess it's one of those weeks, but can't really complain. Nothing serious happened, and I had a quiet, restful day today.

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