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I need a home!

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Heya and hello! I've just completed my first 4 week challenge as a beginner and am starting to realize I HAVEN'T PICKED A GUILD! I love the descriptions and am starting to get the gist that you can pick guilds based on whatever fitness goals you have in mind. Problem with me is, I feel like I am a little bit of all of you. And my goals for my first beginners challenge have been really small ones revolving around: 1. Running with better endurance and to keep up with running at least 3-4 times a week 2. Increasing fly-weight upper body strength (these look like chicken arms now but they will be eagle wings soon...I think?) 3. Trying to keep daily anxiety levels down (I am dealing with depression-anxiety and running has been a real salve for me) 4. Work in what I call "sneak fitness" during my work days - e.g. running up two flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator, doing one legged squats while brushing my teeth, sneaking in lunges while doing housework). I met some really nice people who have been serious (and super kind) motivators for me and they have already chosen guilds. I still am sitting on a fence because I would love to join them but am not sure if that's the guild for me yet. Can someone choose maybe two guilds to join when they start off or is its advisable to maybe stick to being a jack of all trades rebel for awhile before deciding? Any advice given would be really truly appreciated! Thank you!!!  :joyous:

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Seriously, picking your guild can feel so overwhelming! But honestly, it's not supposed to be like that at all. Here's the thing, it's really up to you where you feel comfortable. Also, guilds aren't pick one and never leave, so you really do have a ton of freedom to move in and out of guilds as your goal and focus changes. Some thoughts:

  • You can always move over to the Rebel guild for right now. Spend this challenge poking through the other guilds and find which one feels most right for you. All of the guilds are super friendly and inviting, but you'll find that each of the guilds has a bit of their own personality. Finding the one that feels most welcoming to you will help you with motivation to continue to be involved.
  • Pick which of your goals is the most important to you for this next challenge and join that guild for this challenge. Next challenge, pick a different main focus and pick a different guild to follow. Stick with the one that feels most comfortable to you. Based on you mention focusing on running, the Scouts might be a great place to start.
  • The Rangers are the jack-of-all trades guild, so you can't go wrong starting there. 
  • I'm also partial to the Adventurer's Guild. :) 

So my long-winded answer is really that there is no answer and regardless of what you choose, you can't go wrong. Just because for some people, finding where they fit isn't automatic doesn't mean it should be a stressful choice. You can do what you want and go where you wish and you'll find lots of support.

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Adding to what Sylvaa said, it's also totally okay if all your (current!) friends go to one guild and you go to another. You can still go hang out in their threads, and I think most guild mini challenges are open to anyone? I live in the Rebel guild and my goals are all over the place - mental health stuff, exercise and diet stuff, needing to learn how to Adult™ stuff. You make it what you want to make it. :) 


When I joined 5 years ago, there was no Lvl 1 forum - Rebels were the newbs and Adventurers were the jack of all trades guild. The others were more or less what they are now. I did my intro challenge in the Rebels, moved to the Adventurers for a few challenges because I didn't feel Ranger-y enough to be a Ranger, did one in the Druids when I focused mostly on mental health, then moved back to the Adventurers before finally jumping ship to the new Rebel guild when things were rearranged. Now I'm old and stubborn and will probably be there forever.

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@Sylvaa, contrary to your tagline, you are the queen of persuasion!! I like the sound of trying out different guilds for different goals. I guess for me, I'm a bit old fashioned and always believed in a "you pick a family for life" sort of thing. But this is great that there is so much fluidity here in these forums and a lot of support and encouragement for this type of fluidity.....whew!! That's a whole lot of sweating I don't need to be doing. I guess this brings me here to three areas of life where my personal goals lie: 1. running (anything running)  2. help with mental health and 3. strong functional, explosive movement for when the endurance stuff needs a bit of firepower (and ok 3.5. better upper body strength). I am sort of sitting on a fence between three teams: Scouts, Rangers and Druids. All three have areas that I feel are important for me to do well in - in life; not just in fitness - so maybe these three are where I will start! :D Thank you for a very concise answer!! And thanks for taking the time to reply!

@fleaball hahaha I'm pretty old and stubborn myself and I suppose I have an old fashioned streak in me where I always believed in a family for life sort of thing. I used to train in a dojo and though I cannot anymore (due to my 6-day a week work schedule with late hours), once you joined, they were family forever. They still are family to me but more of a long distance kind now. Having said all that however, freedom to move between guilds is nice when you are starting and haven't yet picked an area to really focus on. Wow, there really was no Level 1 forum? That would have been mind-blowing! Thank you for highlighting a few strategies on how to pick guilds - I think right now, as you can see from the above blurb, I have a few areas I'd like to work on. I may just start with what I like best since I have been breaking a few barriers there already! :star:

Hmmmm Scouts it just may be.......thank you both so much for the encouragement!!!   Much much much appreciated!

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