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squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

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Hello! Adventure is out there and I want to be ready for it! I've got some bit adventures coming up in June (tournament in Alaska) and July (wedding in New Hampshire), so this challenge is all about continuing to build my habits so I am prepared for whatever opportunities come my way. I have taken the weekends out of this challenge since I'll only be home for a couple of them anyway.



  • IF 16:8 weekdays - Fast starts at 7 pm and ends at 11:30 am the following day (my lunch break). Any fasting that happens on the weekends is considered a bonus!
  • Carb replacement - Replace one carb on the meal plan with a veggie per week. (Yay zoodles!)



  • MWF Bodyweight workouts - Not missing any of my level 3 bodyweight workouts.
  • TTh Yoga - Not missing any of my Nerdfitness Yoga workouts. (Bonus if I do yoga on the weekends!)



  • Clear my Mind - Five minutes of meditation per weekday. (Bonus if I meditate on the weekends!)
  • Finish painting Godwin's shield before 5/10 - I am painting a shield for a friend of mine, but I have had it nearly a year. The goal is to make some progress each day and having it completed before the next time I see him, which will be 5/11. Once the shield is complete, this challenge changes to prepping my guest room for my cousin who will be staying with us for the summer.



Let's do this!


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Car saga continues. The tow truck driver pointed out that I had a low tire on Friday when he unloaded my car, but I didn't prioritize it considering I thought I may have to get a new car. So I forgot about it until yesterday. I was planning on taking myself out for lunch anyway, so I figured I could just drop by the gas station on the way and air it up. But the air was out of order, so I went to the next gas station, and it was out of order also (go Oakland, you're crushing it! :rolleyes:)  I finally found a station where I could fill it up, but the pressure gauge was broken. So I put an arbitrary amount of air in and headed to get some food. On my way back to work, I found a place with spam musubi! Since my regular place closed, this is very exciting!!


Later, when Kermit and I were heading out to get groceries, we could hear the air leaking out of my tire due to a nail in it! So he is taking it in to get it repaired, since the tires are only a month old. So I took his truck to work this morning, and as soon as I got in, the low tire pressure buzzer went off! I stopped off at a gas station to air it up, turns out he has a screw in his tire. UGH!


I did actually get some meditation in last night, I set my fitbit alarm back a half hour to remind me just as I am arriving home. I skipped my Monday workout, I was still too sore from all the gardening I did over the weekend. But I did get bonus yoga in on Sunday and yoga done this morning, so I'm back on track. No shield work done yesterday, we went grocery shopping instead. Here are some pictures of my new flower bed from the weekend.





And after!



Laying the brick was a lot of work. Especially since it felt like every time I stuck my shovel into the soil I dug up another one. But I'm very pleased with the result. It is right in front of where I park my car, so I am welcomed home by pretty flowers!

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Good morning! Yesterday went well, I got my meditation in and kept to my IF goals. I'm glad you guys like the flowers, they make me smile every day when I get home. I did make progress on the shield.

Sunday, sketches and beginning painting          Tuesday, base colors started.

godwin shield 1.jpg            godwin shield 2.jpg

I'm doing a Beauty and the Beast theme, the owner's wife cosplays as Belle a lot at cons. The bottom half is from his registered coat of arms, the top half is inspired by hers. I'm going to do the whole thing so it looks like stained glass.


Workout this morning was good, I can't quite hang from the pullup bar for 30 sec without putting my feet down, but hey, that's why I'm working out!

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23 minutes ago, squeakyvalkyrie said:

I have a tattoo consultation on Friday! I haven't gotten new ink in years, and I'm so excited! I want the valkyrie symbol from Thor Ragnarok on the inside of my left arm.


Are you going to match the color she wears in the movie as well?

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Yesterday was ok. Kermit left his keys at work and didn't notice until his carpool dropped him off at his truck. We did learn how easy it would be for someone to break into our house... So I need to make some adjustments to our gate and the back door with the doggie door in it. Also, he needs to stop being such a goober and remember his keys! Luckily, I have an extra set to his truck, so he used those to get back to the carpool spot this morning.


I didn't end up meditating last night, taking Kermit back to get his truck took up my extra time. I did get a little shield painting done, but not a lot. Mostly I just folded the laundry and watched Doctor Who. I did get up for yoga this morning. Either the jump squats or the leg lowers from yesterday's workout jacked up my lower back/hip, so I'm trying to rest those today.


Still working on my IF, though I'm not counting my rockstar recovery's 20 calories as breaking the fast. Being alert enough to get to work safely is more important to me. With the anxiety/excitement about my tattoo appointment and worrying about my mom having to go back into surgery yesterday to get her knee replacement fixed, I haven't been sleeping a bunch. She messaged me this morning telling me how much better she is feeling. Which is great she was pretty miserable when she was visiting last weekend. Hopefully now she is on the path to proper recovery.

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40 minutes ago, squeakyvalkyrie said:


Still working on my IF, though I'm not counting my rockstar recovery's 20 calories as breaking the fast. Being alert enough to get to work safely is more important to me.


Always nice to see when someone has their priorities in order... :P 

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Good morning! No meditation yesterday, but I did spend some relaxing time watering the garden. Kermit and I also ate dinner outside, which was nice. I spent most of the evening working on the shield. It is coming along nicely. I'm not in love with how the stained glass lines turned out, but I am also very into symmetry and the randomness bothers me. But Kerm likes it, so I'm sticking with it.


           Background colors painted                   Stained glass lines drawn in



Workout this morning went well. My hip is still bothering me, so I'm going to drop leg lowers from my routine and switch it out for donkey kicks. I'm so excited for my tattoo consultation today! It is also our anniversary weekend, so we are spending Sunday in Santa Cruz, where we went for our first real date. It should be a good time!

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