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TGP going the distance!


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i'm back!

really pleasant hike, perfect temp, lots of sunshine.


I took pics and will share them later on.


anyways since I had so much good advice about my pack. I'm pleased to report that there was dramatic improvement!


I found time to shorten some straps- and my waist belt fits much higher on me.


this is REALLY good.  I still have a stubborn bit of belly fat :( I know , right?  anyways, actually its a really Good place for the waist strap.  when I tighten the waist strap there is like Nothing on my shoulders/deltoids.


my new shoes are indeed very waterproof.

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on Wednesday's walk I found the waters edge really pretty.




the new flower is RED TRILLIUM.



this goes by several other names.   many of them refer to the fact that, as a flower, the trillium Doesn't smell good.  Instead of using floral scents to bring in bees- I think it draws in flies and beetles,etc which act as pollinators.



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those are some pretty unusual colors.


I don't think I've seen any of those!


the three common in the woods of Pennsylvania are:





red (which I got a pic of)


and the red and white!


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A new week Begins!


you know really, I am feeling that things are again changing.


  • I'm no longer occupied by/and obsessed about big hikes.  the A100 hiking challenge ofc comes soon- but I have to Taper!  I've done so Much!! conditioning wise I'm sure I in fine shape.  I have some tweaks to make of my gear, but... its been pretty good!  I think I have 90% of this figured out
  • So, the bigger question is how to move towards the a new exercise routine.  I KNOW what I want to do.  but I need to start making time for it!  I haven't gotten up early to exercise before work in MORE than a year.  That needs to become a Habit... What a hard habit that is to make.  mornings are Not an easy time for me.  its one million times EAsier to maintain an early morning that to get up; each day, just a few minutes earlier.   Currently I wake up around 7:15am and thats not early enough...
  • "Back to chess".  More progress, though, on this goal.  I've dug up some old chess puzzle books.  I need to get more disciplined with it- but generally I'm making strides of getting back into my chess
  • Don't let what I gained... slip...   its kind of hard though.  I have been spending a lot of time outside hiking but the outdoor chores are growing fast... cuz'
  • the WEATHER is TErrible!  actually its Rain, Rain and RAIN.  I'm so sick of rain guys!  you know its rained something like 10-11 of the last 14 days?.... This time of year, though, the trees are gaining New leafs and grass is growing.  so, when I talk of New outdoor chores; Mowing comes to mind.  I'm having to mow like every 3-4 days now!LL-Blog_Carden_Lawnmowing_1200-1024x576.
  • HOw do Taper-without losing our passion.  This is another tendency of mine.  I generally obsess when I'm contantly doing something.  but tapering means be definition- taking it easy and thinking of other things.  THUS, its my sad inclination to get Less engaged here.  that would be a shame.  I left this place for awhile earlier.  NOt posting here usually means giving up on exercise and I don't need that.  "taper" doesn't mean "stagnate","ignore", or "abandon"....  it means I will need to be healed up when I do my 100mile hiking challenge and nothing more.  I need new passion; OR better said- I need to hang onto my passion to adapt to changing times.
  • but More specific to that!... I NEED you!
  • I need people that care about whether I'm doing good or slumping. people that support me on bad days and Woot! me when things do good.  I need to have the feeling that there's a small community of friends hoping that I'm doing well and waiting for my next update.  I think this is a great community with a Great and wonderful ideal; the ideal that if I give you my support and some accountability- you'll reciprocate!
  • its still HARD though.  I understand!  in some cases were thousands of miles away!  the annonymity of the internet can be another issue.  but in time.  we can fight that, can't we?  I'll share with you, you with me.  its an effort worth making IMHO!  genuinely,  there are many GReat people on this forum and I am priviliged to know you- priviledged to read your insights and wisdom.  I've been guilty (in times past) of "losing" good people.  lets stick to each other for awhile*.  we have a common interest.  Beating the Unhappy lifestyle that happens to many Good people in these Modern times.  it can only be beaten by "feeling the force" of wisdom and strength within us.



(*to clarify; let me say that I see no real changes in the support in the forums-- which is excellent!...

only THAT, when I taper, change, or become less committed to something like Hiking.  I inevitably tend towards being inactive; both HERE and in terms of exercise, as a whole...

so All that- is meant to be remind ME why I must stick with you guys and work towards a new routine that includes NF AND exercise.)

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We are all here for you to be cheerleader or butt-kicker. Whichever you need at the moment. I think you are wise to keep yourself in the game by being active on the forums. Reach out to Level 1 rebels, roar with the warriors, listen to the tales of the adventurers, spar with the monks, watch in amazement at the assassins, OM with the Druids, chase the Scouts... I think being here, even if you aren't talking much on your own thread can really help keep your head in the game.

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9 hours ago, GoodDoug said:

We are all here for you to be cheerleader or butt-kicker. Whichever you need at the moment. I think you are wise to keep yourself in the game by being active on the forums. Reach out to Level 1 rebels, roar with the warriors, listen to the tales of the adventurers, spar with the monks, watch in amazement at the assassins, OM with the Druids, chase the Scouts... I think being here, even if you aren't talking much on your own thread can really help keep your head in the game.

This ^^^


I am also guilty of slacking off on the forums when either my life gets hectic, or if I slow down w.r.t. exercise. So I'll try to stick with you, and I know you've been there for me :loyal:


Your mowing is picking up, and ours is finally slacking off! We only have to mow the lawn every other week :D.

All the best for this week, and gearing up for the last stretch before A100.

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an update is OVERDUE.  this is Friday already (and just about at the end of one of these 4 week challenges)....



this TAPER feels all Wrong!  (though I know it isn't!!).  the idea of taking it easy, letting the Timer slowly wind down to one- while we're hiking wise, sitting on our buff. 

Hard, hard hard to mentally do.

the continues to be the strongest feeling that I'm drifting into laziness  to make it WORSE.  understandably,

my coworkers bring up the hiking challenge... often. it IS getting rather soon.  its not Bothering me, exactly.  but it feels Lame to tell them that I'm doing very little to prepare for it.

* I need to continue to tell myself that I'm not doing Nothing;  I've repairing overused tendons; allowing joints and knees and shins to strengthen and wearing my new trail hiking shoes lots!

* I probably have gotten a LITTLE too lazy about the little walks !  a mile here or there, will not make the difference much in the long run.  but a taper is A TAPER, not entirely curling into a ball and doing nothing.  if doing little is good for my feet (and it might be!), doing nothing probably isn't good for other aspects of my body.  and even pychologically speaking I SHOULD preserve the feeling of having some exercise in my life

*there is one big hike left in a couple weeks.  my hiking partner is in Delaware and I will be going to Oklahoma.   but NEXT week 5/25  we will both be home and are going to do at least 25miles.  this is our BIG chance to make sure I've fixed most of the problems I've had occasionally in other hikes!  to make sure than no little avoidably problem becomes an A100 demon!  this will happen (I think) over zero week.


Chess is coming Back, nicely. Other things Not so much!  but I have a plan...

I REALLY liked how my hiking routine centered around making Weekly plans and scoring myself on how well I implemented that plan

*Weekly plans are flexible!  and life will be a little chaotic in the next 3 weeks (no, scrap that VERY chaotic).

*I can get back to the gym WHEN it makes sense and work on getting back in to the habit.  I've completely lost my whole gym routine.

*don't discard things that are going a little better; I'm spending a little more time with my son, working to get some stuff with my wife and oh! doing pretty well with piano lessons, too.  can't get rid of those positive

* I Just finished a long 12week program to look at when I get up and go to bed.  That was a badly done program!!  it stuck with unrealistic targets and didn't adknowledge that I was straining pretty hard to make the long hikes and walks work.  Instead NOW is time- to REDO this idea.  Time management is VEry important!  how do you get anything done if you don't make time to do it?  weekly plans will strongly consider time as well as whether I do the stuff I know I need to be doing

*that new idea, will be the basis of the NEXT 12week program of improvement.   


I'd like to highlight it to you guys.  there will be an accountabuddy NF game for realizing a 12 week goal.   This CAN be any goal (or goals) that you would like to accomplish.  Elastigirl and I are working on getting it set up!


With MUCH less walking; I'm seeing flowers LESS than I was.  but still mid May in Pennsylvania is stunningly beautiful!  Leaves are coming out!  birds are everywhere!!  now if it can JUST stop raining!!!

* if I don't hike, this weekend I will go fishing with my son and maybe Camping.

*camping with my son always is a last minute kind of thing- but there's one thing we can agree upon.  its a great time of the year to set up a camp and fish for dinner!

*now is a great time of year for Trout fishing and me and my son like it very much,

happily this has been a really lucky trout fishing season for me and with very little time spent I've already caught several of them.  Trout over a campfire is REALLY, really tasty.  me and my son like it a lot.


MY FLOWER of the DAY is an Edible one(s)



this is Wild mustard; which is NOT just one plant but a HUGE dizzying variety of 500 similar plants.  its also a relative of Broccol, brussel sprout, radish, and turnip.  it taste(s) great!  we had a volunteer plant itself in our spice bed.  I must have spent 3 hours working on identifying it- caused it bothered me that I couldn't get an exact flower/plant.

in the end, I didn't need to be so bothered.


they are ALL edible (mustard's) and with the flowers opened there is a very safe identification of the flower family and your OK!


the flowers look like...



four petals, several stamen and at the back of the flower four septals.  the petals must be in the shape of a cross.   up-down-left-right.

that describes All the mustards and everyone of them is edible!

... it had a really cool taste; brussel sprout- brocolli like.*


I may or May not have a new update HERE when I start the 12 week challenge.  it will depend on whats posted when we begin.


*though, still Wild violets are the tastiest wild plants I have yet tasted.  





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Hope the little walks are going along and that you are still on track for the A100.

We have a couple of the wild mustards this side too! Those are one of the plants I can feed Breeze, our bearded dragon, but she doesn't like it. Then again, she is like a typical child, give her the sweet part of the plant and she gobbles it up! Flowers and fruits don't last, but her greens!


Glad your chess playing is coming back and improving again. Adam says he prefers to play on GCompris (an educational game I installed on the computer, which they use for various practices of their school work) now.

Things will fall into place as your focus shifts, after A100.

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Taper tantrums are hard!  I've read that focusing on planning (going over where you plan on resting/pushing through, studying the elevation chart, packing/repacking your gear, contingency planning, etc) is one way to keep yourself excited by the event and feeling like you are doing something when you shouldn't actually train.


I'm excited for you and the event, please continue to let us know how you are doing!

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