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Tateman: One challenge left before Vegas!


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For those that don't know, each year I bowl in the USBC Open Nationals tournament. This year it is being held in Las Vegas. I bowl May 30th, and 31st. That will be in week one of the next challenge. So all kinds of chaos to prepare for then. I know a few people there that work the event each year, plus I have been bowling with a group of people for awhile now. This once a year thing is basically the only time I see them. This year, I want to make as big of a impact as possible. Last year I bowled in New York, I was 325 lbs. I am currently at 266 lbs. I still have plenty to lose. So I hope I can drop a bit more for that shock and awe reaction ;)  Not to mention just being healthier in general. For my birthday in November, I went running to see how far I could go. I only last 1/2 mile. Now I am almost about to hit 3 miles. 


Last challenge I had struggles with my eating. The shark blood fest mode was in full swing too many times. This challenge, I hope to curb it back again, with a bit more strict rules for my eating.


As always, I still have my goals for this year. Things like run a 5k (official), do a pull up, and hit below 200 lbs. I am almost there in the running, but I need more work on the pull up area. Weight loss will come as I control my foods as well. So here we go.


Goal#1 - Control your foods

This goal will have a few challenges in it by itself. Last challenge, I got back to tracking everything I ate, and got use to fasting windows again. This challenge, I want to add on to that, and give myself some limits. I have mostly been keeping it keto, but I have had too many days where I have over carbed and ate all the peanut butter. Time to get my mindset back in the game and make sure I am under 20 net carbs. I've also checked out some macro calculators to help with where I should be with my calorie intake. I think my working out days I want to be at 2100 or lower. Rest day, is closer to 1700 (even less really, but I am giving myself a little bit extra). To help amp up my fasting, I use an app called LIFE to track. I want to have a minimum 18 hour fast. Different start times is fine, but I honestly want to be done eating by 6 PM. There are times when that gets stretched out due to whatever reasons.


Calorie goal hit or lower (2100/1700): 2 points per day

Net carbs hit (20 grams or lower): 2 points per day

18 hour fasting (or more) hit: 2 points per day


6 points per day. 42 points per week.


Goal#2 - Exercise you must!

Last challenge was a bit hit or miss with workouts. I was pretty solid on my runs, and I was killing that rest day ;) This challenge, I need to get my workouts into a regular habit. Don't give up and just not do a workout  because I don't think it is a good enough workout. ANY workout is better then no workout. I am not sure if I want to try following a plan kind of workout, or just kind of wing it like I did last challenge. That is what I will use week 0 to help with. For now it is wing it, but hit the proper days. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Running is going to continue. My problem is the C25K ends during week 1. So I need to figure out what I am doing next. Come up with my own runs, like 5k distance, and fartleks. (can do in the app) Do I for for more distance and start the 5K to 10K program. Last, do I do the improve 5K plan. I am thinking one of the last two. They basically have aspects of my made up running in them. I'd love to get my 5K distance to 9 minutes a mile. Will I do that with one pass through of the program, I doubt it. Still, it was kind of one of my goals way back when I did a 5k for real. the 10k sounds good, because in 6 weeks I could be running up to 6 miles. That seems insane to me. This is assuming I don't have setbacks. I am still quite large after all as well. Weight loss will of course help with both running programs haha. I do have a couple of weeks to decide on my running path, but I want to get it nailed down soon. Hopefully, before week 1.

I have decided to finish the C25K program, then move on to the improve 5k program. I will stick with the same running days.


Running done Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2 points per run

Workout done Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 2 points per workout

10,000 steps hit each day: 2 points per day

Sunday is rest day


4 points per day. 24 points per week


Goal#3 - Get sleep in

Last challenge was better for me, but I still let my sleep slip up way too much. I also have my one gaming night that I would let myself stay up later. The problem is, I would really go for it and stay up till 2 or 3 AM. Even with rest day the next day, it always killed me. I watched out this last Saturday, and we were done before 11 PM. There was no need for me to be up until 2 AM. I need to get myself some restriction there too. Similar times this challenge. Off my computer/TV/whatever at 10:30 PM. Start reading. Currently reading the Culture Novels. At 11:30 PM, head to bed. Gaming night. Off the computer by 11:15 PM or earlier (unless we are all on doing something still). Basically give myself 10-15 minutes to wrap up stuff. Then get to reading. Read until midnight, then head to bed. This should hopefully get my brain settled down enough for me to get into bed and get some sleep.


Gaming Night off to read by 11:15 PM, off to bed at Midnight: 4 points per night

All other nights off to read at 10:30 PM, off to bed at 11:30 PM: 4 points per night


4 points per night, 28 points per week.


Goal#4 - Use week 1 to finish your computer area

So since we have moved into our apartment, I never really finished unpacking or setting up my area. I guess I always hoped we would just move out soonish haha. Well, that isn't happening, and we will be here for 2 more years. My son is out of school during week 1, so why not use that time to finally finish unpacking and setting up he area around my computer desk. Basically a gorilla rack, and book shelf area. Maybe this could be an entire challenge length deal. The biggest work just needs to happen that first week I think. Maybe I will even try getting a before and after picture :) It is something that has needed to be done for awhile, I just have been lazy about it. If I happen to get it all pretty much setup week 1, then I may switch this goal to getting a couple of Lego set built. Of course be displayed in said area ;)


No points, just get it done.


So there we have it. Nothing too fancy, but things I want to get nailed down to help my Vegas trip will be a successful one.



Neck: 16.92 in / 17.44 in (Kinda sure I didn't have the same spot at measure)

Chest: 46.77 in / 46.22 in

Waist: 49.92 in / 48.30 in

Bicep (L) (no flex): 14.88 in / 14.84 in

Bicep (R) (no flex): 14.76 in / 14.29 in

Forearm (L): 12.12 in / 11.77 in

Forearm (R): 12.12 in / 11.92 in

Thigh (L): 25.59 in / 25.59 in

Thigh (R): 25.55 in / 25.55 in

Weight: 263.8 lbs / 255.9 lbs



Week 0 (4/15 - 4/21): test run

Week 1 (4/22 - 4/28): 56/94 - 59%

Week 2 (4/29 - 5/05): 78/94 - 82%

Week 3 (5/06 - 5/12): 50/94 - 53%

Week 4 (5/13 - 5/19): 84/94 - 89%


Total Challenge: 268/376 - 71%


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What happens before Vegas ummm.. Echoes in history. I might be mixing my quotes, but those are the best kind of quotes. The challenge sounds good. I am a huge reading-before-bed advocate so that's a big thumbs up. 

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5 hours ago, Bean Sidhe said:

Again, you have a very well thought out challenge and I am sure you are going to get that shock and awe reaction in Vegas. Here to cheer you on.

Thanks. Pretty similar to my last challenges in general. Just hoping to get more of it successful :)


2 hours ago, J3NN said:

Yay legos! I love playing with legos :)

Same. Much different then when I was a kid. No real sets, just a bunch of blocks and build your own thing. I remember building my own Voltron out of lego. Nothing fancy, but it was good enough for me as a kid. Now I have some sets I need to build. Dr. Who, Voltron, and a couple of Overwatch sets. 

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Week 0 Day 1:

Overall, not too bad of a day. I started off with C25k Week 8 Day 1 (2.75 mile run)


I did some extra walking after, and ended up hitting 10,000 steps during it :)  13, 865 total yesterday.


Food wise, I was under my calorie goal. I probably could have gone higher, but I didn't feel hungry enough.

1725 Calories, 13.9 net carbs. Cronometer says 2195 calories remaining. My fast yesterday was 17 hrs 36 minutes. Pretty close to my 18 hour mark.


I bowled last night, and I got home later then normal. Then I let myself stay up until 2 am. I am really tired this morning, and this feeling is the exact reason I can't stay up so late! I will be better tonight!


I think today's fast is going to be close to 22 hours. I took out my glucose meter this morning, and I think I will start checking my blood sugars again. I am curious how it will be after a longer fast.


One walk in this morning. still need to get in more steps. Also will need to get in a workout.

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Here for you!-

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20 hours ago, fleaball said:

Here for you!-

Thanks, glad to have all the help I can get :)


20 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Following for bowling awesomeness.


And more importantly, Tateman awesomeness.

I shall try my best in both aspects ;)


Ok, yesterday wasn't perfect. It was ok though.


Food wise: 2012 Calories, 23.4 net carbs. 1020 calories remaining. My fast was 22 hours and 28 minutes. I notice with the bigger fasts, that I tend to want to eat more. Like I was done, and under bars, but the quest bar was calling me. Actually, a lot of stuff was calling me, but I settled for just having the quest bar. I don't have a whole lot of options for food at home right now, so I am struggling a bit there. Nothing major, just I need to go shopping this weekend ;)


Exercise, I did get in my steps. 10,303 total. 87 active minutes. I pushed off a workout for awhile, but eventually just did something. I used 15 lb dumbbells. I did 3 x 10 sets for all. Wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, arm curls, and overhead triceps. I pretty much just superset all 4 movement, then took a quick break in between the sets. Nothing amazing, but I did get something in.


The my sleep I also messed up on. Though not as bad as the previous night. I didn't get off the computer until 11 PM. I did decide to read. At 11:30, I decided I wanted to still read a bit more. That pushed me to not get to bed until midnight. So I did the things, I just let myself slack on the times. 


When I was out on my run this morning, I did have some thoughts about my workouts and my food intake in this challenge. #1 I think I work much much harder on my run days. So eating more those days do make sense to me. My workout days though, don't seem to be as intense yet. I think I might want to back down the calories on those days a bit. At least until I build up the intensity a bit.


I get in that feeling that I am not really working out, so why bother mode. I feel I should be working much harder, and I want too. This is kind of what has led me to fail in the past though. I had the thought that I need to look at this like I am just building it all up. This challenge I want to focus on getting a workout done. I don't care about intensity, or how ling. If I just to a set of squats one day, fine. What I want to focus on, is getting in the habit of doing a workout on those days. If I can establish the habit of getting it done, then I can start to focus more on getting myself into those exacting type workouts. I hope this can also help take my brain off the progression mind set. Meaning I lift 25lbs this week, next time I should jump up a lot higher. With running, I do see sort of a progression that helps motivate me more. I think lifting is just a bit slower. Or maybe just because I am not in the habit, so tracking how well I do is difficult. 


So this challenge I have to focus on building the habit of working out first. I get that established, then progress to getting more workouts done. I've even been thinking about making videos about me trying to get a pull up done. It is my goal this year to be able to do one. I haven't worked very hard at it so far this year. Maybe it is still possible for me ;) I just know it will take a long time. I need to start using my workouts to help in this too. Yesterday I got this Spartan email, and it reminded me that I really want to get a pull up done. https://life.spartan.com/post/how-to-do-pull-ups I have also been looking at the guides here too. Get this habit of working out, and then get this pull up goal working :)


I have rambled on a lot in this post. Just one last thing.

I did get my run in this morning. I fought it a bit. I was ready to give up so early for some reason. I kept telling myself I don't care about the time, just don't stop. Never stop.

I actually ended up being much faster then I thought it was going to be.


 No, not the flash speed, but 12:03 when I though I was going to be like 13 mins at least haha.

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Ok, a little more slippage last night. I had that wanting more feeling after I had ate. It wasn't being hungry so much, just a craving I couldn't shake. So I grabbed a quest bar, yet that wasn't enough either. I gave into the peanut butter haha. My wife was looking around for something too, and I guess me talking about ti was enough to help send me off looking too. 2796 Calories, 38.3 net carbs. Oddly though, I still had 397 calories remaining according to chronometer. Still, I am going to have to get myself over these outbursts. 18 hour 4 min fast. Since I ate later now though, to get that 18 hour fast today, I can't eat until 2:45 PM.


I got in my run yesterday. 2.75 miles with extra walking. total steps 10,418. 65 active minutes.


Sleep was not so great. I was up later again. It was later then I thought. I could have went to bed on time without any reading, but I did some reading anyhow. This put me into bed at 12:30 AM. 


So blah.


I have been thinking about making some kind of reminder board or something to help remind me to keep on fighting for those goals when the will power gets weaker. Not sure exactly what I need for that.


I am also still trying to decide what to do next for running. I feel more like I want to do the improve 5k program before doing the 5k to 10k program. It is a loner program then the 5-10k, but I feel it might be better to work on that first. Not sure haha

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Here to follow this! I hope you get into a good groove. Like you I know that improving sleep quality makes every other goal easier to hit. It's great (but also sometimes annoying!) how interrelated all the different aspects of health are.


Also, I hope bowling in Vegas is awesome. I haven't gone bowling in years (we went sometimes in high school and university - it's fun in groups) but I was always not-too-terrible at it for someone who didn't do it often, which made me happy. I certainly wasn't as bad as this guy, anyway:




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8 hours ago, Tateman said:

I have been thinking about making some kind of reminder board or something to help remind me to keep on fighting for those goals when the will power gets weaker. Not sure exactly what I need for that.

At the beginning of the year I was inspired and so I bought a poster board size white board sheet. I put trackers for each of my annual goals on it. and I put a bunch of quotes on it. I have it posted in my bathroom next to where I get ready every morning. ..and... I haven't updated most of them in a month. The quotes do help... I need to update it because my goals have totally changed. 


I'd recommend you just do something simple and post it somewhere you'll see it every day, multiple times a day. Then evaluate it after a challenge and see if it works. I'm personally finding my digital tracker and reminders on my phone work better for me and my life right now.

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15 hours ago, Tateman said:

I have been thinking about making some kind of reminder board or something to help remind me to keep on fighting for those goals when the will power gets weaker. Not sure exactly what I need for that.

This is a never-ending problem for me as well. What helps me when my will-power weakens, is to start another way of tracking/motivating myself. Things I've used in the past:

  • paper list/calendar on a visible space, such as bedroom or next to computer
  • agenda that I always carry with me
  • todo-list apps, some of which have reminders
  • very actively using my challenge-thread over here

Currenetly, I'm using a weekly planning on paper, which is next to my desktop. Everything works for some time for me, and then I get bored and switch for new motivation.


Good luck with your challenge :).

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At one point, I put little fairy pictures next to the things I wanted to remember to do. It was the mental "Hey we are working on this" so I couldn't just "meh" it. It was like she was saying "hey make the bed." or "Stay out of the snack cabinet" or "brush your teeth"


Now I have the boxes. I had a bullet journal that was my boxes for a bit, and I will go back to that eventually. But the journal took too much work to update and do the math on. Maybe it will evolve into something else.

Oh and I did the phone list and reminders. That was much more convenient when I had stuff to do outside the house or at certain times.


Hopefully yesterday went better

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All good suggestions. I was tempted to make a picture in photoshop or something, and have it as my desktop image on my computer. Then maybe print out some things to hang up near me. I've been thinking of making some slide scale of sorts with my weight loss goals listed. Then I just move the mark closer to the next goal. It's one of those kind of projects I just kinda think about. Don't know if I will actually ever get to it. I do have some reminders on my phone for bedtime alarms and such, so maybe I can start something there too.


Overall, yesterday went well. The biggest downfall, I forgot to workout. I planned to get it done before bed. Like when I got home from bowling. I happen to get home early from bowling, then got buried into whatever else I was doing. Got off the computer a bit later 11 PM, then ready the rest of my current book. Bedtime was 11:50 PM. So slightly later there too. Just as I was crawling into bed, I remembered I didn't do any workout.


13,289 steps 95 active minutes yesterday. I did bowl well too last night. 


Food I was at 1823 calories, 18.8 net carbs. 1695 calories remaining. 18 hours 13 minutes for my fast. I tested my blood glucose levels before breaking my fast, and it was at 89.


The kid is out for Spring break now. We dropped off our car at the shop to get worked on. So no vehicle for me to go anyplace. I do still need to get my run done today. I was thinking of getting it done soon here. Just run around the neighborhood area. Then maybe make a walk over to Target or foodmaxx to get a few items. Grocery run this weekend maybe. Busy day tomorrow as well. I have match club bowling up in Livermore at 5 PM. Small amount of travel, nothing too major at least. Just later in the day is all.



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Pretty hot out there today, but I got my run in :)



So week 8 C25k is done. On to Week 9. 3 mile runs incoming!


Now to go walk to the store for a few things.  At 8,200 steps so far. Looks like I may finish up soon ;)


I also reached 18 hours in my fast, and I am feeling hungry. So maybe a quest bar before I head out


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20 hours ago, Tateman said:

Pretty hot out there today, but I got my run in :)


This could pretty much be my summary for today too. We've got this! 

*struggles to overcome own britishness*

*high fives you*

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$576 later, and the car is out of the shop. Luckily, nothing serious, so was actually ok with this amount vs what we worried about haha.


It's been busy this morning. No walk or workout so far. Though I guess I had a farmer's walk yesterday from the store to the apartment ;) had a bit of one today too. Groceries can get heavy haha. I have bowling his evening too. I don't know that I will get in my steps today. Honestly, I am ok with it. My knee is bugging a little bit. I'll be working that with bowling, and tomorrow is the real rest day. 


I didn't have a good fast yesterday. Found some killercreamy ice cream at a near by Safeway, and had to try a bit. Then just felt like I need to eat more food while catching up on some shows with the wife. 2221 Calories, 20.9 net carbs. 1289 calories remaining still. :)  Had a 18 hour fast before starting to eat yesterday. I did fast today, but didn't track it. Really only like 12 or 13 hours.


Finished off week 8 of C25k yesterday. 13,359 steps. 99 active minutes.


Got to bed a little later, and no reading. Did not get to sleep though. Eventually did fall asleep, but it wasn't the most restful.

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3 minutes ago, Waanie said:

Nice! Did you decide what to do afterwards, some kind of other goal/plan? Achieving a 5K is no joke :).

Yeah, a couple of days ago, I think I decided to hit up the improve 5k program next. It calls for 4 days of running per week, but I am still just doing 3. So it will extend it out for a bit, but that is fine. I was out running today, and just thinking over the decision, and I think it is the correct one at this time. I do want to get to 10k distance as well, but I just kept thinking about how I want to run faster. :)

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