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34 minutes ago, Deckard Gainz said:


I replaced some of my late workout accessories with the mini-challenge... and I'm glad I did! I have struggled to find good chest exercises, but decline pushups might become a good late workout staple for a little bump in chest development. I was less impressed with step-ups but I would consider giving them another shot holding a lot more weight and doing less reps. I think the method of alternating legs between each rep made them consume too much time. I'd consider doing a set of one leg and then switching. Less weird leg juking between reps (which leg did I just go with again?)


So, I haven't talked about it too much but I am leaving the country for my vacation tomorrow. I probably won't focus too much on health and fitness over this break as I'd rather take the time to enjoy myself. That said, some of the places we're staying will have workout facilities so I may try to get a few workouts in to stay somewhat fresh for the return. I'll be returning on the final day of the challenge, but not sure I'll get around to posting for it. I'll most likely challenge again so if you don't hear from me before then, best of luck to everyone in their challenges, and I'll see you all on the flipside!

Yes, I tried the step ups and got bored after about 50. Have a lovely time on your vacation! 

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