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captain's table log -304294.31

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captain's table log, Sunday funday:


food wasn't super great. but it was a planned deviance. sometimes the captain needs to live a little. that and I was focused on spring cleaning my quarters, rather than on cooking.


breakfast: subway BMT (760)

lunch: tiny bit of leftover gelato and a pack of ramen (500)

second lunch: protein smoothie and some PB pretzel bites (480)

dinner: peanut butter on toast, slice of cheese, mini bag of popcorn (510)

total: 2259 (so only 60 cals over  goal, not the wooooorst)




this week's goal: 2100 calories





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captain's table log, Monday things:


went a little overboard, but I think I overestimated calories for lunch, so it's maybe legit. don't tell any of the science officers I've just been estimating some of my meals.




breakfast: muesli, pepitas, greek yogurt (688)

lunch: 1/2 chicken ceasar wrap, little salad, carrots, celery, 1 tb hummus, 1 chocolate chip cookie (620)

snack: pork rinds (40)

dinner: salmon cakes w/ succotash and a toasted english muffin w/ butter (823)

total: 2170



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