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When life gives you CombustibleLemons...

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Hi everyone!


So here I am, after a pretty lousy year of slacking off, motivated to get my lazy ass up and moving.I'm horrible at planning and tend to try too many things at once - mainly because so many things come to mind that I want to change immediately. So what I'm going to do is post an ever-growing list of goals and ideas in here. Every challenge I'll take 3 things out of the list to focus on and cross them out when the goal is accomplished. This way I'll not only manage to put some structure in my jumpy thoughts, but see my progress at the same time. (On multiple occasions I notice myself being frustrated because I let some tiny detail slip, when overall I stuck with 99 % of my goals.)


Most of this stuff will only be something vague that I'll have to break down into smaller goals. Every now and then I'll try to take the time and do so. (By the way - if anyone of you has an idea or experience on how to tackle a certain goal, I'm very happy to hear about it. :))



To Do:

  • take "before" pictures
  • body measurements
  • bodyfat percentage



Food & Fitness

  • Handstand (ultimate goal: one-handed)
  • Pull up (ultimate goal: salmon ladder)
  • Meditation
  • Martial arts classes
  • Make working out a habit again
    • work out x times per week
    • morning walks/runs
    • exercise when sitting for too long
    • walk to mordor
    • 8000 steps a day
  • parkour
    • learn to fall
    • learn to run
      • C25K
    • learn to jump
    • learn to climb
  • become more flexible
    • Yoga routine
    • nerve glides
  • Intermittent fasting
    • 16/8 for 30 days
  • Paleo
    • 30 days strict
    • "paleo light"
  • no sweets
  • no alcohol
  • healthy sleep pattern
    • go to bed at x
    • no snooze
  • get 1 thing done a day
  • drink at least 1.5 L water per day
  • track everything I eat & drink for 30 days
  • keto diet
  • hourly tracking of mood and energy levels (find my prime-/downtime)



  • read up on work-related stuff
    • "mechanism/reaction of the day"
    • 1 paper a day
  • common knowledge
    • read the news
    • historical/political "nice to know" stuff
  • (re-)learn to play the piano
  • learn a new language (any help by native speakers would be highly appreciated :D)




  • talk to strangers
  • don't try to make everyone happy, but say "no" sometimes
  • travel
    • camp under the stars
    • scream down a mountain
  • get a tattoo
  • "phone fasting"
    • 1/0.5 h mindfulness
  • motorcycle license
  • dream diary/journal as first thing in the morning
  • learn not to be late for basically everything...
  • finally start my Starfarers of Catan project

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So I took a 45 minute walk in the sun today and thought a bit about my 3 goals for the upcoming challenge. As I'd like to start small and build easier habits first, I'll make one of the goals to drink enough water daily. I got a 1.5 liter flask that I'll just fill up in the morning and at the end of the day it has to be empty. I already started this a few days ago and it's going well so far. The only thing is that I have to remind myself to drink every now and then when I'm at work.


Also I wanted to make use of my fitness tracker for the challenge. There is a daily goal set to 8000 steps in it that I'll try to fulfill every day during the challenge. For workdays this is quite easy - I usually end up with about 11000 to 13000 steps. On weekends on the other hand I'll have to make some adjustments and go for longer walks. Depending on how well the weekends go, I might set the mark a bit higher since it's so easy to achieve on workdays.


And the last thing (and as well something that I've already been doing for a few days) will be intermittent fasting following the 16/8 protocol. Again, it's convenient during workdays since we always eat lunch at 12 pm, so I just stop eating at 8 pm the day before. I usually don't even get hungry until 11 am. Weekends will be a bit trickier, though today I just sat down with some black tea with my flatmates while they were having breakfast. It felt a bit weird to not eat as well, especially since I got SO hungry watching them, but I didn't eat until those 16 hours of fasting were completed, so hooray! :)




Challenge 1:

  • drink at least 1.5 L of water a day
  • take at least 8000 steps a day
  • intermittent fasting: follow the 16/8 protocol for 28 days

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Wrap-up of challenge 1:

  • drink at least 1.5 L of water a day (97 %)
  • take at least 8000 steps a day (76 %)
  • intermittent fasting: follow the 16/8 protocol for 28 days (79 %)


  • paying attention to my drinking habits
  • "hunger" for activity is coming back
  • IF is a nice addition, but not for every single day
  • better mood and eating control




Next challenge:

  • get up at 9 am and to sleep at 12 am at the latest during weekends
    • & immediately get dressed to not feel sluggish the whole day
  • to do lists with 5 items for every day (and get that stuff done)
  • first thing at computer must always be work-related
  • at least 3x/week meditation/exercise
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*silently blowing the dust off this thread as if nothing happened*



- 16 h IF

- worked on handstands

- went for a 45 min walk



- 16 h IF

- SL 5x5 training A + crunches & planks



- 16 h IF

this (and it tastes awesome!)

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