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8 hours ago, RogueLibrarian said:

One of the instructors yesterday told us that the test isn't the challenge; the challenge is all the work we did over the previous eight weeks, and we're all ready. He said think of the test as a showcase of everything we've learned. It sounds super sappy when I write it out, but I really liked the way he put it. We have good teachers.

Might sound a little sappy, but he's not wrong. :) 



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They awarded two black belts last night, and one of the instructors earned his second degree black belt. Black belt tests involve some questions and answers in addition to the skill tests.


They asked him questions about technique and martial arts history. Then: 


"John, you may be too young to know this answer, but: how many people were kung fu fighting?"


He looks blank for a second, then: "Oh! Oh, EVERYBODY was kung fu fighting!"


Huge round of applause.



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"We can be heroes"

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Congratulations! :)


On 5/18/2019 at 3:27 PM, RogueLibrarian said:

how many people were kung fu fighting?

Thats so cool, I like how they put some humour into something that's also pretty serious. 

KB Quest: becoming a decent kettlebell lifter and an excellent coach

2023 goals tracker; 591/5000km & reading to my kids 48/365 days (updated march-22)

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Congrats! :D:D:D

Raptron, alot assassin

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The Pride 5K is coming up in a few weeks, and I realized I haven't run in forever, so today I broke out Zombies Run and hopped on the elliptical. I think that's gonna need to be  a goal next challenge.


The fire alarm went off after 2K and we had to evacuate the gym for 15-20 minutes. I went back and did my other 3K. (Zombies Run has new time travel missions now. Yep, those are definitely real American accents, don't ask any further questions)


Here's one from my running playlist. Hey, look at that parkour. The Crow is definitely an Assassin. (I'm remembering how much I loved the shit out of that movie and the soundtrack.)



"We can be heroes"

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