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The Shadow

The Shadow's success story

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Hi! I figured I'd post my story here, and there might be a chance somebody will see it and become inspired. Well, maybe to brag a tiny bit. Anyways, I stumbled upon NF while looking up recipes for kale chips. I was 16 when I found your website, and probably in the worst shape of my life. I would occasionally eat healthy for a week or so, and maybe do a few pushups a month. The first article NF article that I read was the Beginners guide to Pull-ups. I was intrigued, did a little more research, and discovered the NF blog. I was really impressed by the Beginner Bodyweight Routine and started doing it every other day. I also started making small changes to my diet.  After a while, I found the Kettlebell Routine and started doing that instead. A few weeks in, my cousin (Who was looking to lose a few pounds) came over to my house and joined me in the kettlebell routine. We now workout over webcam every few days. I have also started to implement 20 seconds of courage in my life, and I try to protect the asset at all times. Combining exercise, diet change, and IF, I have managed to drop a lot of weight, and at a recent family gathering, I walked up to greet a cousin who I hadn't seen in a while, and his jaw literally dropped. He said "Holy c***! Isaac, You have lost SO MUCH weight!"  That hasn't been the only time I've been randomly complemented like this. A few days before, a random woman at church came up to me after mass. She asked, "Are you losing weight?" I replied that I was. She said, "Your face looks so much thinner now!". While this creeped me out slightly (Why are random old ladies gauging my weight?), it also made me very proud. Because I see myself every day, I really haven't noticed any weight loss, and I depend on others to let me know I'm losing weight. However, since I've fixed my diet and started to exercise,  I have felt so much stronger. I've gone from doing 0 pullups on Jan 1st to being able to do 5 in a row now, as well as doubling the number of pushups I can do. I am now doing the Semi-Advanced Bodyweight Routine every other day, and I've just started to learn parkour.  I can say without any doubt that none of this would have happened if I had not found Nerd Fitness. Everyone on the forums has been super helpful as well. I just wanted to write this and let everyone know how grateful I am for their continual help and support. I also hope this story inspires other rebels to level up their lives as I have done. 



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53 minutes ago, The Shadow said:

UPDATE: I think I need to go shopping for new clothes, as almost all my pants are too big on me now. 

Thats exciting! 

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