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Day 24

1 - Bandage came off the tattoo today so I got in my first workout of the week (squats, bench press, lat pull down).  Felt good to be working out again.  If my arms don't feel too beat up tomorrow I'll try to get on the gymnastic rings.  

2 - Doing fine on this one.

3 - Still got a bit more work to do on this - will leave it for tomorrow evening.

4 - DONE!!!!! Just need to wait for the missus to return so I can sit down and discuss with her/see where I need to compromise.

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Day 25 

1 - Arms felt ok so went and did some ring work and handstand practice.  Posted a video on the Rings FB group and got some positive feedback from the excellent Jim Bathurst.  My legs are pretty tired after those squats yesterday.

2 - No probs

3 - Done quite a bit of reading this evening and have a plan for the next 6 weeks (and on).  In the short term I have accepted that I will need to get weighing and tracking for a while.  Some batch cooked lunches might make this easier.


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Day 26

1 - Another barbell session (OHP, Deadlift, BB Rows).  Legs felt really tired - I'm not used to training them this close together.

2 - Still no more drinkies.  This has gone well.

3&4 - Done.


This has been a successful 4 week challenge.  It could be that my goals did not offer enough challenge but I feel like this is ok for my first one.  When's the next challenge?!

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