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MEET RECAP AAU Raw Powerlifting

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These parts seem far more barren than I remember. But I thought I'd drop a post meet recap from my April 7th AAU meet. It's a copy and paste from my personal notes...




Did not go as expected. Went to sleep at 130, woke up around 6. Meet started way sooner than I expected, so didnt eat breakfast.


SQUAT 2/3 - Warmups went poorly, rack was too high and took few too many awkward warm ups. My fault for not making a better effort. Squats felt off from warm ups. Opened heavier than usual at 424 and wasn't happy with the way it moved, so stayed conservative with 2nd attempt and matched my last meet PR of 446. Despite not being happy with this attempt, I went full send on third and went 480 for an all time PR. Self doubt as I told the judge my attempt and that lasted throughout the lift. No lift.


BENCH 3/3 - No real break between squat and bench. Again, janky warm ups; the bar, 155, 195 then done. All attempts went fast and felt great.


DEADLIFT 3/3 - (Good) Surprise of the day here. Deads moved well despite, again, poor warm ups. Opener, 419, moved fast, as it should. Decided to just go for the PR of 452, apparently moved super fast. When giving my third attempt, several people told me to go heavier, but played it safe with another, relatively smooth, PR at 467.


Overall disappointing meet despite 4 all time PRs on bench/deadlift and 54lb PR on my total.


I know the issues with my squat meet prep and will correct for July


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I must have missed all the IG video's of this!!

May Br0din bless you with mighty gains, and may your shaker bottle always be full.



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