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It's never too late to start

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Hello and welcome to my thread,


One week is over but I think it's never too late to start, so: here I am.

I'm not new to NF and this is not the first 4-week challenge I've started. This time I'm trying not to quit.

My Name is Ramona and I'm a 24 years old student from Germany. I'm writing my bachelor thesis at the moment and beside this I work at a primary school.


*Main Quest*


Well, the thesis is all I can think about so I guess that my main quest is to write a good one and not to become unhealthy in this time.


*Support Quests*


1. Write 5 thesis sites per week


Achieved 1/15


2. Cut down calories on rest days


Achieved 1/9


3. 1 weightlifting and 3 powerlifting workouts per week


Achieved 1/12



If you have any comments oder questions just text me :-)






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