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Suri Cat

Newb 2wk Starter Challenge

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*enters room....peeks around....sees lots of people and has no real good clue what to say*

I have no witty repertoire at my disposal so I will speak plainly :)

Newbie here. First week ...well, second week officially since I joined NFA/RH. I noticed these challenges said you can start one in the middle so here it goes:

My challenge for the remainder of this challenge (5/03-5/19):

#1 Run 6 or more times in this 17 day span (this will include group, treadmilll, outdoor, whatev)

#2 Maintain my calories at optimal levels for me (I have been playing with my calories to see what works for me and i finally have it down....i think)

#3 Work on NFA program every other day (big one for me---it's overwhelming!)


Nervous about joining because I am not great at the whole online group thing. But I knew I needed something new to refocus myself.

My BIG Goals: complete a 50K this year, lose 50lbs by Jan 2020 and 50 push-ups by Feb 2020


Mostly---I need to remember small steps=BIG Successes

*quietly sits back and hopes someone reads and relates*


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5.05 update: 8.25 miles yesterday. Today I will get up and walk over break times and also get up one time outside of break.

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