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More bodyweight = more strength as beginner?

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Hey guys, 11 months ago I started going to the gym. I'm benching 203 lbs (92.5kg) in a 4x5 system, deadlifting 308 (140kg) in a 3x5 system and squatting 220 lbs (100kg) in a 3x8 system. Although people have praised me for my progression, my friend also says that my performance is due to my bodyweight, as I weigh 209 lbs (95kg).

That could be true, because in 11 months I'm stronger than many others in the gym who indeed weigh less but have trained longer. However, there's never been a study that proves this theory so what makes people think that this is true? I mean, there are plenty of guys in the gym that weigh more than me and have trained for years but are not as strong.


It could be true, but again no study has ever proven it to be true. Is it common? Yes. Is it true? I think not.


What do you think?


(PS: I live in Austria, so I know the weights I lift are nothing like the weights you guys lift in America :D ) 

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When you gain weight, some of it is going to be muscle - so if you've gained excess weight in the past, you may in fact be carrying more muscle than you would once you've lost some of the extra fat. Also, carrying around a heavier bodyweight effectively works as constant resistance training to a certain extent - think of it like walking around wearing a weight vest. ;) Obviously there are levels of diminishing returns, depending on how much muscle you're likely to carry in comparison when lean, but yeah - sometimes 'bigger' folks have a bit more muscle to work with when they start out. The trick is to keep that muscle whilst losing some of that fat (if that's part of your goals), which is much more challenging.


Also, thank your friend for being so cheery and supportive! /s :P 

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There's a reason weight classes exist in all strength related sports except Strongman which only cares to find the absolute strongest man on the planet. Otherwise, mass moves mass. 

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