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Converting pull up bar to the resistance band attachment point

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Hi there. I am looking for height adjustable thing that I can attach my bands safely. I need the attachment point can stand up to 400 lbs.

Option 1: Wall anchors

I can buy wall anchors like the following but they are not height adjustable and do not provide full angle training.

Option 2: Door straps

I can buy the door strap but I think that my door will not be able to handle >200 lbs resistance.

Option 3: Installing pull up bar vertically

I can buy pull up bar and set it vertically and attach my resistance bands to it at any vertical level. I am thinking about to buy some heavy pull up bar which has 500 lbs capacity.

Can it handle safely 500 resistance from all the vertical attachment points? What are the safety concerns? Any thoughts?

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Hey, a few thoughts:

If you're putting a wall anchor in, make sure it's in a stud. Better yet, set a series of anchor points in a plate (wide piece of metal or plywood) that braces between multiple studs. 

With the pull-up bar, as long as it's a metal bolt-in one that isn't made to hold tension only in one direction ("down," when oriented on a wall), you should be fine. The "down" direction on a wall puts metal in compression. If it can hold #500 in compression, its strength in tension will be much greater! 

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