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I'll be Back! And I am Back!

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So I'm back again, I've started getting back into the habit and I'm a little embarrassed that I keep on falling off. 


BUT ALAS I am starting again.


I have two goals I've been working on

the first, which I have been doing pretty okay with is eating better and logging what I am eating.


I've been working to cut out sodium because EVERY time i take in some salty goodness I blow up like a balloon.


Next is the harder one for me, and (Like anything) once I ACTUALLY start it's a little easier. 

The Gym! I'm going to be lifting weights 2x a week. The challenge for me is finding the time to go right now.


but honestly that's just an excuse. I gotta make the time. 

So those are my two biggies right now.Thanks for taking the time to read, I know this is late BUT I'm popping in when I've arrived. 


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That's neat, and so are you

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Okay! So week one! Food was pretty on point, staying in my goal for calorie intake every day except for friday(payday) when I took the kids out. I didn’t track the last few days but I barely ate anything yesterday and today I woke up at two and have only really had one meal, back to tracking again tomorrow for best results 


I did not work out this week at all, which is annoying but true, I’m hoping to hit the gym after work today. 

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That's neat, and so are you

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