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Cataleya Tries to Regain Her Balance

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So. Lots of things have been going on. It's outlined here so I'll skip it: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/113774-curiosity-killed-the-cataleya-but-satisfaction-brought-her-back


I want to use this space for daily or semi-daily updates and just to kind of evaluate where I'm at as I try to build up healthy habits again. My ultimate goal is to start weightlifting again and get into some kind of cardio. Biking is appealing right now. My campus rec center lets me rent a bike for free and we have plenty of beautiful trails that would be fun to ride. It's also not running, which I just kind of gave up on. I don't like it, I never have. I'm proud of my 5ks, including the one I did during a migraine, but I don't have any desire to do one again. I might be able to bike, though. Anyway, I want to do something active every day, even if it's not shaky arms and legs active. Just. Moving every day.


My diet needs cleaning up. I'm feeling increasingly bad about eating meat and fast food is terrible for you. I think I need to get into batch cooking though because I just don't have time to cook every night and my husband doesn't feel as comfortable in the kitchen. So I'm gonna try to work on that too.


Anyway. Here I am.


Today I was going to bike but it rained and I forgot my workout clothes anyway. It cleared up closer to lunch which is when I was going to bike, but I am glad I didn't go because I started to feel shitty. Found out yesterday my husband has strep. I don't think I have a full blown infection but it might have passed on to me. I am cycling right now but it's not the same as actual cycling so I'm a little sad about it. I may work from home tomorrow depending on how I feel (I have that flexibility because it's summer) so it might not be for a bit that I can bike for real.


For further context, I don't own a bike because it's not safe to bike around my home. It's downright dangerous. I also don't really like the idea of driving my bike somewhere. But it's unfortunate because I live pretty close to my work and would absolutely bike to work but it's just not safe.


It was also just a really frustrating day and not feeling great didn't help. We moved to a different budget management system for travel and it's a stupid mess. I'm still dealing with one trip well over a month after I went.


So I'm biking slowly now and once I got 10k steps maybe I'll take a bath to help relax and stuff. Depends on what time I finish. It's already kind of late. Maybe tomorrow morning.



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My husband has been sick the past few days and I think I got hit though not nearly as intensely as he did. It's still messed up my mojo. I made the mistake of accidentally falling asleep late in the day for like two hours and now it's like 4 or 5am and I am awake and I'm not quite sure I've been asleep at all. So I'm pedaling. (I've got these pedals that aren't as good as an actual bike but it gets some blood flowing at least so I take it.)

Today I was planning on starting tracking my food again. Probably not the best idea for a Friday, but that's where I'm at, so I'm gonna do it. I don't like to wait until Monday (or the first, or whatever) to do things because something always comes up Monday and I end up not doing it. Anyway it'll be a good day to weigh myself and put on my Zozo suit to get measurements. Scared to weigh myself but I've gotta get over it, make a plan, and execute.

I think I also want to get into the NFA workout again, so I'm gonna start from scratch on that one. I wonder how much strength I've lost. I haven't lifted in a while and fell off the wagon for my 10k/day goal for about a month as finals wrapped up.

I'm trying really hard not to be down on myself for still being where I'm at at 30. It's an arbitrary age in a lot of ways but I had hoped shit would be better by now, especially with not being in graduate school anymore. I guess I should have picked a job other than academia if I wanted that to happen. I keep trying to remind myself that actually my life isn't too bad. I have a wonderful husband and an adorable cat and my job isn't too bad other than the work I need to put into balancing everything. My friends are pretty cool and we're in a pretty good spot financially and we're making a trip in July to Europe. Maybe an extra bit of motivation for working hard over the next several weeks is to do what I can to make my time on the airplane more comfortable. I'm juuuust big enough that I feel a bit squished in economy, so. If I can lose even a little bit of size it won't be as bad! At least that's what I keep telling myself. [emoji23]

Anyway, I've been stretching every day and that has felt good. Mostly just my legs/groin, but it helps to not feel so scrunched up. I see that flexibility coming back and feel kind of proud about it.

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209.4lbs. 94.98kg. I know BMI is bullshit but my doctors care, so that puts me at 34.8.


Kind of what I was expecting, but it doesn't mean I'm happy about it. I think I'll skip the Zozo suit today--not much will have changed.


Gonna clear out the inbox and do the NFA workout later.


Already started logging--if you want to follow along, you can add me on MFP. IIFYM is recommending:

Protein Grams: 160

Fat Grams: 97

Carbs Grams: 122

Fiber Grams: 23 - 31


I'm adjusting to the total calories MFP suggests, which equates to a 45/25/30 breakdown I think. I dunno if I can or should hit that, but I guess we'll see what happens. Gives me a ballpark to aim for in any case.

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Did the workout today, so that's a start. NFA Bodyweight Workout 1A!

Nutrition breakdown:
118g carbs (37%)
43g fat (30%)
102g protein (33%)
17g fiber
1351 calories

Feeling better now that I got some sleep. Might try to clean tomorrow and see if I can find the gym key I have somewhere. It's a very modest gym but I think they have a bike or something in there. So that would be nice.

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Welcome back. 
Maybe you will find the gym key while cleaning [emoji3] 
That's what I was hoping for, but then I woke up feeling like utter shit. I am hoping I didn't catch strep but I fear I might have. When I feel better I do want to do a deep clean. It's gotta be around here somewhere. Damn key cards.

Anyway, because I felt like ass and had trouble swallowing, it was mostly soup today. This led to:

185 carbs (53%)
58g fat (38%)
31g protein (9%)
12g fiber
1400 calories
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Still sick, though I'm hoping to feel good enough to go to work tomorrow. I'm getting a little stir crazy, not going to work. I need to get out of the house and do stuff.

Right now I just have some... Not quite stuffiness, but I feel it there and it needs to go away. So if that is gone tomorrow I might try a (leisurely) bike ride or bodyweight workout 1B or something. Not gonna rush it, though.

159g carbs (47%)
54g fat (36%)
57g protein (17%)
11g fiber
1341 calories

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I did not go to work today, which turned out to be a good thing because I had an upset stomach for a good portion of the day. I think it might have been our eggs, because I can't remember when we bought them but I didn't eat anything else out of the ordinary. Still got in 10k, thanks to my pedals. They're not the best but it's something.

I am going to work tomorrow. To play it safe, I'm gonna bike indoors so that if I feel woozy I can stop and not have to worry about going anywhere specific.

I've gotten into My Hero Academia which is nice for two reasons: 1) it inspires me to want to get fit much in the way DBZ used to as a kid, and 2) it gives me something to do while I pedal.

116g carbs (39%)
29g fat (22%)
117g protein (39%)
15g fiber
1341 calories

I actually had a really neat ratio right after dinner but realized I had been too efficient with my calories and didn't want another protein shake and question my eggs. So I had a small bowl of dairy free ice cream and some peanut butter. Probably could have just had more peanut butter but didn't think about it until the ice cream didn't go as far as I wanted.

Tomorrow I will probably stop by the store to get some more eggs and some higher protein snacks for when I'm low on calories, which happens a lot when I'm not having gross snacks. Suggestions welcome!

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I got a call this morning, a request to take a friend to the doctor. I thought it would mess up the rest of my day, and in a way it did (I ended up nabbing Starbucks for both of us), but I still managed to get in 40 minutes of stationary biking (5 warmup + 30 + 5 cool down) and 30 minutes on the track. I stayed inside partially due to bad weather, but mostly because I wanted to be able to easily stop if I got lightheaded.

I tried to drink my protein drink after the workout but I didn't have milk and the powder is gross with water, so I had some a bit after dinner. Much better strategy.

Went shopping. I actually forgot to pick up some protein stuff but I think I can do with what I do have. I at least got new eggs, and was pleased to find certified humane eggs.

150g carbs (44%)
39g fat (25%) - perfect
105g protein (31%)
11g fiber
1353 calories

I think I need more fiber but I don't really know a good way to get it that won't also jack up my carbs. I usually get it from fruit and stuff. I'll need to look into it.

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On 5/22/2019 at 12:10 AM, Cataleya said:

I've gotten into My Hero Academia


Oh Love this! Read some of the manga, but never watched.  I need to do that.


Sorry you got so sick!  You seem to be managing the challenge well despite it.  Hopefully it's just a bad case of allergies, I know they kick my butt harder than some viruses.  


Can you eat flax seed?  You buy it in seed form and then ground it up when you want to use it.  It adds healthy fat and fiber. I like to put it on my yogurt and fruit or add it to almond flour for a nice breading on my chicken.

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Current Challenge

"Nothing is true; everything is permitted"

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I dunno if I have ever tried flax. I'll have to look for a small thing to try! Just did a deep clean of the apartment today and threw out some expired and questionable food, so I do have some room.

I didn't log it because I want to see what tomorrow looks like but I weighed in at like 202.8 or something like that today. Could have been a fluke, so waiting. Would really like to get and stay under 200, so I can get a new Fitbit. My current one has a crack

Did a roughly 4mi walk with a friend today, then the deep clean added another 3 or 4k steps. I'm exhausted, y'all. My apartment is ready for my MIL and SIL to visit. I dunno how I'll feel about clothes shopping with what I look and feel like but we'll see how it goes. I've increasingly had a desire to just a few items I really like rather than a bunch of stuff I'm okay with. So I dunno.

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