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Hi! I'm Dehlia. I'm 31 and I'm from Denver, CO (Though I also spend a lot of time in Brooklyn, NY)


In my searches for exercises and advice I kept coming across this website, and liked what it was about, so I'm finally joining, as the title indicates.


I've had issues with my weight since puberty, mostly due to depression. About a year or so ago I was able to lose around 20 pounds, but I've had some set-backs since then. Stress, annoying life incidences, job changes, moving, and traveling have made it difficult to keep on a consistent plan, especially being an emotional eater like I am.


Most recently I was doing well with my work outs but had to have my gallbladder removed, and as with any abdominal surgery this meant at least 2 months without doing any strength training while my insides healed. I'm back to square one and having to (safely) ease myself back into my routine. 


I'm also living in a house with individuals who love to snack as much as I do, except they have no problem buying tons of sweets and making me suffer <_<


I prefer weight training, yoga, pilates, and light cardio. 


Anyway, here's some stats.


Starting weight: 190

Currently: 176

Goal (for now): 150

Height: 5'2"


Besides all that, I work from home, I love to travel (mostlyforkpopconcertscoughcough), read, write, cross-stitch,  watch bad movies, listen to true crime podcasts, collect crystals, and dye my hair. I also recently started streaming on Twitch with my best friend, where we talk about 90's nostalgia, horror movies, music, and whatever else catches our fancy that day (twitch.tv/blahblahblahclub)


Thanks for having me :)

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Hey there, Mondestrucken --- sounds like you have had some crap going on, both long-term and short-term.  I admire how you are calmly putting things behind you to get yourself back into health.  I know from personal experience that depression is a bitch, but you sound on track to make it your bitch.  (Do you find exercise itself helps with depression?  Cool added benefit, yes?)   And I love your name!  I had to google it because I am a Philistine and I love the poem.  So welcome to the Rebellion and thank you for introducing me to Mondestrucken (you AND the art).


ps.  If that's your hair in your profile picture, the color is fantastic.

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