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Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

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I don't often feel this way, but some days, working for Vetinari has some real appeal. (Okay, let's be honest; would simply have problems that are not the ones I'm currently having. But it would solve the current problems, and that's what counts.)

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Garden update: I just went by to water and inspect, but I did end up taking one beet. They looked nice, and they need thinning.


I now have 120% germination on the purple beans. (No, not really, but I forgot I put all the leftovers in my hand around the new ground cherry. I think even the broken ones sprouted, which I didn't expect.) They seem vigorous.


I think I saw lemongrass seedlings. But no sign of basically all the flowers I planted at the same time. Well, maybe they take longer.


The transplanted yarrow will definitely make it. All the existing foliage died, but the new stuff is already coming up.


The ground cherry cutting might make it. Maybe. I didn't do a great job selecting and preparing it, but, while the leaves and flowers have died back, the branch still seems okay, so now it just has to root in time. It's tough, it could do it.


The thyme is starting to flower, and is also taking over everything again. I think I'm gonna have to start drinking thyme herbal tea just to control this stuff. But I will say this, it's a fabulous living mulch. It keeps the ground really moist. I might move some over the ginger, which needs that moisture.


The currant tomato had a growth spurt, and has now been ceremonially lashed to the cold frame to climb. It also has some vigorous side stems. I might do some interesting plant stuff to it, by burying part of the stem to give it more root mass, and braiding those side stems so they fuse together into a more sturdy stem. Maybe I can make it a tree.


The California poppies have gone wild, they look great, if a bit floppy. It's a stylish dishevelment, though. Mostly orange and pale blush pink today. I collected a gazillion seed pods. They also were attracting pretty butterflies. The marigolds have also really taken off. Tons of flowers. (The alyssum planted the same time is still MIA. I might have some coming in, but I'm really not sure. What I thought might be it seems to be something left by the last gardener that I now need to identify. It's weedy, but looks deliberately distributed.)


My replacement heat-loving squash has sprouted and looks healthy, though they both sprouted so close together that I'm worried about transplanting one. So I guess I kill one, or let them grow together. This is a really fast squash, I should have some in 40 days. (It's apparently also a good dual use summer and winter squash, so I may let some mature.)


Still no eggplant. Still little hot pepper growth. Down to a sane, originally planned two melon plants, one each of two varieties. Both strong.


I'm considering rhubarb and more root vegetables, and mizuna for the home hydroponic system. Because clearly what I need is more seeds. (No, for good reason! If I can do all my green leaves at home, I can get more variety in them, and also use my dirt for things that need dirt or more vertical space.) I also have butternut squash seeds, and it's a monster of a plant, but I have this space that still has no replacement plant, and squash can be ground cover... Well, maybe that's wishful thinking, but I could always just jam it in for now.


My garlic is getting rave reviews from a co-worker. It's on the small side, but really fresh and strong, without being biting. One little clove is worth two or three big grocery store ones, he says. I've also been using it in small, rationed amounts, and have no complaints. It's nice. Will grow more next year. Particularly since I seem to be intending to grow enough greens for an army.

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Week 4 Day 3


Is it week four? Geeze.


I had a lot of cleaning I wanted to do today. I didn't. I was really exhausted when I got home. Had to close my eyes briefly. Ugh.


But I did set up the watercress fountain, and planted it. It's sort of a planting experiment; if the seeds don't sprout this way, I'll start them hydroponically this weekend. Now I just have to wait forever. Oh, and I moved all the onions and garlic to a nice attractive basket with good airflow. And watered the garden. So sort of a garden day all day. But man, I needed to clean. I'm gonna have a late dinner and sleep instead.

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