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Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

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Annyshay blinked in shock as the outline of the Old Man faded into blue flames that disappeared just as suddenly as he had done. Who on earth was this Old Man that had been guiding her around the Great Plateau? She shook her head, half expecting to hear an answer from the strange disembodied voice that had started her on this journey by urging her to pick up the Sheikah Slate that hung from her hip. No answer was forth coming, so she was left alone with her thoughts. The Old Man had told her to head to the point where lines through the shrines that she had found would intersect. Looking at the map on her Sheikah Slate, it was clear that he meant the old, broken temple close to the cave where she had awoken in nothing but her undergarments just a few short weeks ago. Annyshay could remember nothing prior to waking up in that cave. She couldn't remember anything about who she was or how she had found herself in this strange wilderness. She didn't know much, but she knew that she wanted to help the princess that was fighting that Beast called Calamity Ganon. To do that, she needed to get off of this Plateau and out into the wider world of Hyrule. The paraglider that the Old Man offered was the only way that she knew how to do that.


Well, sitting around staring at the Sheikah Slate and ruminating on what had happened to her in the last few weeks wasn't moving her any closer to getting the paraglider from the Old Man. She returned the Sheikah Slate to her hip, and climbed a nearby wall. She would have to be careful not to get into too many more battles on the way back to the temple as she was running out of weapons. 

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Love as thou wilt.

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It's important to keep a level head on ones shoulders while exploring the Wild. Annyshay will endeavor to do this by continuing the following goals:


Mindful Eats

- Annyshay will make sure that she takes time around her meals to check in with herself and the experience of eating. This takes the form of saying grace, sitting at the table, avoiding distractions, focusing on flavors and textures, and other means of mindful eating.


Careful Moves

- Annyshay is rehabbing an injury to her right foot that she can't remember how she sustained. She will continue to work on moving in ways that don't aggravate her injury as well as following her PT exercises.


Grateful Wins

- Annyshay has a tendency to prepare for the worst without truly celebrating the wins that she has each day. She will make time to consciously reflect on the wins that she's had and express gratitude for the ways that she is supported through life.



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Image result for bomb shrine guardian


Annyshay threw one of her new bombs at the wall of stone in front of her. It exploded, leaving the remnants of a ruined arch. She walked through it only to see one of the guardians (the ancient machines scattered all over the plateau) begin to glow blue and pink. Annyshay knew longer to stay and stare in awe. She ran and jumped over a ruined wall. As long as the machine could not "see" her she was safe, but whenever she was within range of the machine, a red target appeared on her back in something that looked like a laser. She ran, ducking around corners of the ruins until she was finally out of the range of the blasted machine. She stopped to catch her breath, seeing a ruined bridge ahead and a large monster to her left. To the right was a large cliff that she would have to pick her way down. She decided to take her chances with the bridge. 

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Adventurer, Half-Dwarf Chaotic-Good Paladin

Ne me dites jamais les chances!  ¡Nunca me digas las probabilidades!

Character Sheet Training Logs Challenges Prepping for Adventure PrepAdventure Prep Fall BabyWhen Are We Again, Anyway?WhirlwindThe Leaf's LocusHarnessing Hamingja New Roots More Beginnings, More Roots Cleaning Up Facing The Hailstorm Yo Ho Yo The... Keto Life For Me? Taming the Beast Another Step Towards the Future Baking, Suburban Homesteading, and Health, The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale IIIIIIIVVVI, VII VIIIIX


Perennial goals: Sleep 7+ hours a night, retain (and continue to learn) French and Spanish as a family, increase Spanish Proficiency for work and play,  read like a maniac on my own and with my kids, carry heavy stuff

Long term goals: Cut to 13-15% bodyfat, And now that I'm grown I eat five dozen eggs, so I'm roughly the size of a baaaaarge! -> Someday I'll challenge a Disney world Gaston to a push up contest and win

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Annyshay approached the bridge with some trepidation. There was a large hole in the middle. Annyshay wondered how the bridge was still standing, but she didn't stay to wonder long. She backed up and ran with all her might, launching into the air. Her fingers scrabbled at the rock on the far side of the bridge, vying desperately for purchase on the slippery face. Her fingers eventually caught, and she was able to climb to safety on the far side of the bridge. She looked around. With no monsters in site, she jogged toward the ancient ruined temple. 



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The silence didn't last long as Annyshay began jogging through the ruins at the base of the Temple. As she climbed the stairs, one of the blue bokoblins woke from a deep nap, grabbed his boko club, and came at her swinging. She pulled her traveler's spear from her back and prepared to fight. She circled the bokoblin, giving swift, repetitive jabs any time he got close enough. She ducked out of the way when he swung a blow. Her traveler's spear broke after 10 hits, but the bokoblin's club flew from his hand. Annyshay grabbed it and charged at him with his own weapon. She swung the light piece of wood with wild abandon, showering the monster with hits. He eventually collapsed in a heap, leaving fangs and guts for Annyshay to harvest. Annyshay hung the club on her back and proceeded into the ruined temple.

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Love as thou wilt.

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