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 Hi Everyone,


I have a question I am hoping some of you might be able to answer. I have been doing weights now for 6 months, however at 3 months in I fractured my foot(outside of the gym) but ignored it thinking it was just sore, but on deadlifting the following day, thats when the full force of the fracture occured. This has made me nervouse to DL over 80k(that is the weight i did it at), and also after coming back after the fracture i did a 75k DL with a trainer and really hurt my back(like couldnt walk hurt). I got it all fixed through remidial massage and learning the importance of stretching, building the lifts in weight and cleaning up my form but........


I still freak out in increasing the weight and knowing when to increase the weight for my other lifts, squat,bench. I guess it's about not wanting to injure myself and also look like a gobshite for increasing too heavy.


Also my bench is at 42kg but best was at 52(with a trainer spotting me) i feel nervous to bench and increase the weight incase i kill myself dropping the bar on my head. How can i practice my bench in the gym without looking like a knob, but safely?


Any help really appreciated.



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