OK boys & girls, it's time continue with part 2 of the 3 part "WhiteGhost Gets Serious"  trilogy.    In this installment, I am going to get serious about what I am doing and focus on what I really want to get out of it.  For the past few challenges I have just been doing whatever I feel like, and while I have enjoyed that and I have been able to stick with it, I don't feel like I have made much progress towards my goals.  "What goals?" I hear you ask.  To which I intensely study my shoes and mumble that I didn't really set any.  So in order to get serious about reaching my goals, I need to set some!   1. Exercise First, with regard to exercise, I have been doing great at general strength building, which has given me a pretty solid foundation to build on.  Now it the time to build something.  By the end of this challenge, I want to be able to to some specific skills, which is going to require me to tailor my workouts to focus on those particular skills.  The skills I want to have by the end of this challenge are: Muscle-ups.  I did a muscle up last year, which was cool, but I kind of moved on to the next shiny after that and now I am back to not being able to do them.  I believe I have the strength I need, but need to work on my technique.  For this challenge, I will work on muscle up specific progressions and exercises that will bring me closer to this goal. Backflips.  I have been wanting to to these for a long time, I have slowly been working towards them.  I currently have a place to work on these and a plan to progress them, and just need to keep with the program.  I feel that I am not too far off from getting these so I am officially setting a goal of being able to do a tuck backflip from a solid surface and land on my feet by the end of this challenge. Pistol Squats.  I have been going through the motions on these for more than a year, and really did not make any progress.  After getting some very good advice from @PaulG, I have discovered that I have been limiting my progress and holding myself back.  Based on his advice, I am going to work towards building the technique so that I can consistently do unassisted pistol squats.  I am not going to worry too much about depth at first, focusing on control and balance while I build up strength in the bottom of the squat Handstands.  I can do handstands.  I have been able to do them since I was a kid.  In all the years I have been able to do them, I have not ever worked on any kind of real balance or endurance, and I don't think I have ever done a handstand for more than 10 seconds.  This is primarily because I haven't felt the need.  For showing off purposes (which, let's be honest, is pretty much my primary motivation for all of this) a 6 second handstand is just as impressive as a 60 second handstand.  For this challenge, I am going to work on balance and finger strength to try and increase the time that I can hold a handstand.  My goal for this challenge is to be able to hold a 30 second handstand.  I actually have no idea how difficult this is going to be because, as I mentioned, I have never tried.   2. Flexibility The next area I am going to get serious about is flexibility.  I have progressed from hating flexy work to actually kind of maybe enjoying it, in limited doses.  However, in the last year that I have been doing it pretty consistently, I don't feel like I have actually become any more flexible (OK, maybe a little, but I think more progress is very doable).  I realized that a big part of problem isn't consistency (I regularly do 20-30 minutes or stretching most days) but that I don't really have a focus.  I have tried GMB Focused flexibility, but I couldn't really get the program to work for me because I couldn't get the stretches they were describing to feel like they were describing.  It just didn't fit my needs in a way that worked for me.  Just in time for this challenge, I have signed up for the CirquePhysio MyFlex program that @Mad Hatter was doing in her last challenge.  It is only starting from this week, but I am optimistic that it will be a program that I can follow and can make it work for my specific needs (which is supposed to be entire point of the program).  All I need to do for this challenge is stick with the program and do the thing.   3. Cooking Third up is cooking.  I have made some great progress on the cooking front over the last couple of years, but now it is time to try and take things to the next level.  Up to now, I have focused on making foods I am quite familiar with that I have been eating since I was a kid.  For this challenge, I am going to try and learn how to make Chines food.  For this challenge, I need to make at least 2 Chinese dishes each week.  The learning curve here is going to be a bit steep, but I hope that it will pay off in the long term.  I am hoping that if I can get this, I will be able to make foods that we can eat as a whole family (Usually the western food I make is not really something Ghostess and Ghostlet are used to, so they don't really enjoy it as much as I do.     4. Sketching Fourth and final challenge is going to be sketching.  I have learned some things about myself from previous challenges, primarily that if I feel like I have to complete something or make a finished, displayable product, I will avoid even getting started.  So for this challenge, it is actually going to go against the theme of the rest of this and be decidedly UN-serious.  This is going to be all about playing and just trying to have fun keep things casual   Now, some of you more astute readers who have been following me for some time, may not recall any WhiteGhost Gets Serious Part 1.  This is because it hasn't been written yet.  As any George Lucas can tell you, starting from the middle of a series can really be a lot more profitable than trying to start a franchise from the beginning.  If this works out well, I can always go back and ruin everything with a Part 1 later.   Seriously