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Devlins not so triumphant return.

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Week 1 day 3.
Work again today, can't train due to work times. Off tomorrow though. Going to garden and lift then

Weight 243.2 happy with that, diet hasn't been great last few days so moving down is ideal.
Food today - very good all within macros and window has been hit.

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Week 1 day 5.

The back spasm seems way better today. Bought plenty of better food shopping last night and I'm on some good food today and a little higher than planned as I'm on a full fast tomorrow.

There's also a ufc card on to give it a watch. My body's having another day off tonight. My bjj training this weeks been a bit poor but a lot of the lads are training in the US for the world's this weekend so I'm not missing much. Should be training 2 sessions next week at minimum.

Today weighed in at 243.8, nothing too high and weights coming down. Also had the dog out for a couple of walks.

Struggled today, fancied playing fifa 19 which I got rid of with my ps4 earlier in the month, really fancy it after this weekend but managing to avoid it.

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Week 1 day 7.
Another good day to day. Had a full fast yesterday.
Tiped the scales at 242.3lbs this morning, happy this that. Back to normal windows today.

Wanted to train tonight but no open at as all coaches etc are either at worlds or other comps. Going to lift some weights when I get in I think.

Week 1 review.
Weightloss 2.5lbs down. Can't complain with that. Will be very happy if I can keep that up.
Bjj, no classes, studied books/technique clips so I did what I could, literally at work all classes and no open mats due to comp.
Should be able to make 3 to 4 next week to level it up.
Diet - foods been good.

Monthly review
Good training but a couple of injurys have slowed me down.
Weight loss is below what I wanted but have gone from 252 avg in April to a 246 av in May ending at 253ish. Progress is underway.

On to next week.

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Update bjj class done. 1/10 Down.
Great class techniques worked nicely for me. Nice triangle from collar and sleeve grips.

Did plenty fo rolling towards the end, caught a nice Armbar in a scramble and a head and arm choke too.

Didn't get tapped but I was pretty adventurous so it wasn't through lack of engaging. Hit a few nice passes and the Armbar came after being mounted and hip escaping back into guard.

Trying to work some de la x guard but opportunity didn't arise.

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Week 2 day 2

Weight 241.8


Good day today diet in line and Windows planned.


I've been thinking about the rest of my challenges this year, think I've decided on the monks and a dbz theme since it's going to be skill advancement and martial arts based. Also please see the cool dbz screenshot from Instagram below.


It also fits as the last time I was here I did some dragonball stuff so now I'm a little older with a little time off this makes sense. Might do the path of goku.




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Week 2 day 3
Weight 243.4

Expected an upswing, diet went well yesterday however a new KFC opened down the road from me and I had said we'd go and stop by when it opened so there was some indulgence.

Probably the first kcal excess in the last few months and it was nice. Felt good today, more energy and felt good while training. Its possibly the kcals I'm on are a little low for me, might have to increase in training days.

Bjj done, that's 2/10 so far.

Worked on mount escapes and counters to people trying to take mount. Then specific Sparring which went well for me, the techniques we drilled suited my style and I was able to work them well.

Then moved into general Sparring, went hard again some guys who are my level and did pretty well. Being a big guy I try to take bottom position as its where I'm worst then look for a sweep or sub. And I was able to hit plenty tonight.

Though one guy cracked me up he managed to get out of quite a few bad spots by getting close to other people rolling or the edge of the mat and then when we rest just going from the break. Caught him with a few nice techniques.

Got to roll with one of our guys who's just back from worlds, in the lead up he had a full camp training all day everyday for like a month, you can really tell. Once he gets a position its like trying to move a vice.

Felt good today.

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And funny you should ask as I didn't have one planned but today realised there's one on 4th of August near to me. Gives me loads of time to prep and I'm off work for it.

Think I'll give it a go. Nobody registered in my weight class yet but loads of time to go.

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On 6/6/2019 at 3:54 PM, Devlin said:


And funny you should ask as I didn't have one planned but today realised there's one on 4th of August near to me. Gives me loads of time to prep and I'm off work for it.

Think I'll give it a go. Nobody registered in my weight class yet but loads of time to go.

That's great! I love when things just fall into place like that. Good luck!

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Phew I was night shift all weekend until this morning. I am tired today.


Week 3 day 1.

No weight recorded today.

Only 4ish hrs sleep.


Got 1hr 40mins of bjj in today with around 30.ins sparring.


I was pretty poor today. I hold myself to high standards that I just didn't hit. Caught a couple of subs but even against guys I usually do well against I struggled, seemed like I had a mental block where after the first few rolls my mind was worn out even though I wasn't gassed.


Not sure what happened but I'm going to right it off for now.


On the positive side I managed a de la riva sweep and hit a couple of triangles/armbars and only got caught twice over 40 mins sparring so didn't get dominated just couldn't seem to get my game up and running.



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Week 3 day 3
Weight 242.5
Bjj. 1hrs 15mins.

Good session tonight. Did better in Sparring against the same guy until I gassed out. Badly. Also suffered a small cut inside my mouth which ended my Sparring prematurely. Lucky for me.

Did more double under stack passing which went well for me again. Once I get that position it seems like I can catch most with it. Definitely my go to pass.

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Week 4 day 1.

My updates so far have been a little on the poor side and my weight has been stagnant. Need to do better.

Weight is around 242 to 243, disappointing after hitting 239 earlier but got to remember it's a marathon not a spring.

Bjj 1hr 30mins tonight.

Good class, worked on some de la riva stuff and sparring went well.

Final week, need to kick it up a gear and really push.

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Time to review this challenge I think.

1 day left but its a rest day.

Just got another single day of bjj in. Training went well, I was a bit lethagic in spots and I think this is down to a few things. Tiredness/diet and in Sparring sometimes being too happy to play defence and try to counter, which doesn't always work out for me.

On the plus side, I am at present injury free and shall be doing the next challenge as a 6 weeks to the tournament challenge.

I think I set my goals too high this time.

I shall be doing a zero week again as soon as the opportunity opens, and my tournament is a week after the end of the next challenge.

Once the next challenge opens I'm in.

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