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Hi all! Touching base, the move went ok, most of the boxes are unpacked. Things are still a mess but that's getting better. I was in NJ for work, then got to visit my brother in NYC and enjoy part of World Pride Week and visit Stonewall on the 50th anniversary. I'm about to head out of town again this weekend, Chicago for the weekend, NYC Monday night, and then road tripping back from NYC to Chicago during the week. It should be an adventure. I did lift while in NJ but I haven't since the beginning of July, there is far too much to do. I desperately miss the gym. Today I'll finish cleaning the old apartment, yesterday when I moved the apartment dryer out to clean behind it I found 3 pairs of womens underwear and a shoe, none of which were mine. I guess the people before me didn't clean too well. I return the keys to my apartment tomorrow which will be a sigh of relief, this moving nonsense has been a bother. Despite not really being able to cook, my weight is holding steady. The condo is pretty fantastic but the woman who sold it to me lied about a LOT of things so I've been scrambling to try to fix things that I didn't budget time or money to deal with. It is still bright and light and airy, in a wonderful location, and it is coming together very nicely. The cat likes having a deck to sit on too. 


I'll be back for the August challenge, and back to the gym then too. Miss you all and hope that you're doing well! 

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