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Snarky Tests her “If I could”s

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On 6/8/2019 at 7:58 PM, Snarkyfishguts said:

if you take the House Sorting Quiz Curl Brogo posted, share your results! I love House Sorting!


Ravenclaw -- 78.4%
Hufflepuff -- 13.1%
Slytherin -- 8.2%
Gryffindor -- 0.4%
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You haven't seen my Final Form

I Stand With Gina Carano

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2 hours ago, Sylvaa said:


Hufflepuff - 47.5%

Ravenclaw - 44.9%

Gryffindor - 7.6%

Slytherin - 0%


Probably accurate. 


I feel like week 3 is a great week for set-backs. Week 1 you have focus and drive, week 2 is all about maintaining, then week 3 is setback time, so you can end strong during week 4 with sustainable changes. I'm sorry that you've had so many feelings, but they make a lot of sense and I hope this week is less sad. 

Hello O Wise and Friendly HuffleClaw!




You've summed up the Weekly Themes for Challenges quite nicely! I really appreciate the empathy (sympathy?). I feel validated, which is very empowering! :) Let's kick butt for Sustainable Changes!!!!

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Back to exercise today!  I am really glad. It was hard going up the steep hills today, but it also felt nice. The cicadas are still out but not as noisy. Its like someone turned the volume down a notch. Nothing landed on me so I’m really happy. 


I’ve started thinking about the next challenge. Just trying to take note of the days, see where some changes can be made. Its a relaxing thought process. Plus, I get to make lists. I love lists!

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Dad’s surgery went really well! He’s sitting comfortably listening to the news right now. Tomorrow he goes back to the doctor wehrre they will test his pressure and see how it really went. But he’s okay. He’s fighting with his phone to play an audiobook. Siri is great, but not perfect :) 


 We got up super early, so everyone took naps this afternoon. We’re all still tired, but good! Thanks for putting up with me while I was worrying about this. 

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I drove through Burger King today thinking "I'm so hungry. It's been ages since I went here! This will be an easy lunch."


By the time I got home, I remembered why I don't drive through fast food places anymore. My guts completely and utterly rejected it. Well, I'm going to remember that for a very long while. 


I'm almost done with writing my goals for the next challenge. I struggle in creating goals, because it's very easy to take something I enjoy and turn it into a chore. I remember very fondly a psychologist telling me 


Dr. "You can enjoy your life too. Take a vacation, relax, try a new hobby."

Me: "You're absolutely right. I'm going to work really hard on that!"

Dr: "No DON'T work on it. That my point! Just do it. Relax!"

Me: (sitting awkwardly in an forced position of relaxation) "Like this?"

Dr.: (sighs) 





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I have a doctors appointment today, and I am dreading it. But look in the bright side!


going to the doctors means today I get weighed and can report on my challenge “if I could’s really” impacts weight loss. Let’s find out how the experiment worked!  And even if I didn’t lose weight, here’s the thing: The changes made during this challenge have improved my life in a way I didn't expect. So, even if I dont lose weight, I’m in a better place to kick it up a notch for next time. 



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Well, my stomach finally stopped hurting! Yay! Now I can eat all the things!


plans to wake up early and get yard work done turned into “aw hell no!” And sleeping in :love_heart: but the great news about today is its gonna be a gorgeous day all day and I have no where to be! I can do it anytime


I’m still working out my challenge goals. I’m listening to “Paddington Marches On” while I write them so it’s slow going because I soend little time writing and loads of time laughing and listening. Paddington has just discovered a box with a chimney sweep kit, and the box is just too exciting not to open up. And Mrs. Brown DID say he could dust.....


Maybe its time to tackle that dead bush after all. I can listen while I dig it out


Edit: I totally dug out the bush. My neighbor helped. Then I took a sledge hammer to the gravel pit and got rid of all the rotted wood that was framing it. I AM MIGHTY

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after lunch, my stomach decided it hated everything and cramped up and nothing is in my system now except water and peppermint.


 Which is a bummer. But lets reflect back on the wins today: taking out the dead bush and the rotted wood by the gravel pit. I am still very mighty, even if my guts disagree lol



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On 5/20/2019 at 5:17 PM, Snarkyfishguts said:

1. If I stopped eating after dinner. 

2. If i just did the workout. 

3. If I managed stress better  

 I’m going to start with an hour every day just for myself. Where I turn my phone off, shut the door, and ignore the universe. It doesn’t matter what I do in that hour. Whether I’m working or relaxing, that hour is just for me and everyone else has to wait.  Except for two days a week when I take four hours off to myself



Challenge Wrap UP!


1. I definitely nailed the stop eating after dinner. I still do occasionally but it's usually planned and controlled. For the most part, I don't eat anything, and the late night binges are over. 

2. This was a slow start, the working out bit. But once I started walking, I found I stopped thinking it of exercising, and am excited to add more to my program so I can go on more challenging hikes.

3. Taking an hour to myself was AWESOME. At first it was hard, then it was SO easy. Taking 4 hours was really hard, and I eventually dropped that from my challenge list, so I think that I'll bring this back for the next challenge. I think I need to reframe why I want to take the longer time, and then I can read that and stick to it better.


My stomach bug is finally over! YAY!

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