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The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

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So I stayed home from work today and used a sick day.
I feel slightly guilty, as aside from being tired and crampy, I'm fine... But preventing future meltdowns is a kind of mental health day, right??
Anyways, we got that damnable shirt order finished.
Huge weight off of both of our shoulders!

There's a few small orders on the docket over the next couple weeks, but overall very manageable.

And it sounds like John is going to be in high demand from his dad's company over the next while here, so we won't be taking on any more large projects in the near future.

And those kind of paychecks are just so nice - no worrying about profit margins, it's just money in the bank!

Today is yet another fresh start, healthy eating-wise - yesterday was an unmitigated disaster in that area, but it made me feel so shitty that I feel like the nonsense is finally out of my system.

Is it honestly Thursday tomorrow already? Phew.

At some point, I need to go find something to wear for the wedding next weekend... I've been procrastinating, hoping to lose a few first. But at least by this weekend I should be debloated.

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29 minutes ago, Fonzico said:

The pics are mostly not mine haha but they are very nice :)
Sanity is acomin', I can feel it.Thanks! On both counts. It would help if I could learn not to stress out unnecessarily too, but that's a long term project... In the interim, I'd like to just reduce my stressors.

It is good to learn to just go with the flow more and not be stressed, but sometimes the answer to that is to not knowingly put yourself in a situation where  you are going to be stressed. 

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Sounds like you did a great job of riding out a stressful time. Taking a day off sounded like a very good idea.

LOVED the pictures from the tournament!

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The week ended fairly well - I've been eating decently, so that helps!

I did find a dress for the wedding -I'm very happy with it:

I've accomplished little today, beside the dress and grocery shopping. I had a three hour nap - that was amazing.

Plans for tomorrow include hitting up a greenhouse and taking the pups on an adventure.

Just the kind of stress-relieving weekend I needed!

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That day off sounded like just what you needed.

You look so lovely in the dress.

Have a great relaxing weekend and adventures with the puppers.

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Sanity is 100% restored.

This weekend was amazing, and exactly what I needed. My house is clean-ish, I have some plants, and I napped so much, I've finally paid off my sleep deficit!

I popped out of bed when my first alarm went off this morning (5:20) and I feel great!

I've already done the cooking for today (Spaghetti Squash and meat sauce) and portioned out my amount.

Now I'm off to walk the dogs before work!

I had a convo with my boss on Friday about how things will look if I get the advising job, and am working two positions. Assuming HR approves it, it'll mean I'll start most days at 730am, instead of 830. It's not terrible though, I'll also finish at 330 most days. But anyways, I do need to get in the habit of getting up earlier.

Tonight, my hair is becoming purple! Excite.

It's going to be a busy week, but a good one.

And I finally feel like I'm in a place to do a REAL challenge next cycle!

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Yesterday was a GOOD day. Fought through some cravings, ate on plan and DIDN'T SNACK!

We had disc golf league which also went well - there were thunder storm warnings for our area but we just watched them miss us, both to the south and the north - it was like the skies were parting around us!
I played well too :)

However, after the round, I went and grabbed the dogs for a walk, and Annie found some seriously swampy water to splash around in.
I didn't realize how bad it was until we got home and were like "what's that smell?"

Definitely bath time. And she is so flipping terrified of baths! She makes Hyzer seem like a saint, and I always thought he was bad.
We haven't bathed her since a few weeks after we brought her home, and I thought I could handle it myself. We even went slow getting going, trying to keep her from freaking.

Hmmm. Yeah. No.

I mean, I managed. But first off, she refused to have her front paws down so I had to hold her standing up on her hind legs, and try to do everything with one hand. And of course she's fighting to get away the whole time! It was a gong show.
She's super clean and soft and lovely smelling now though.

It was funny... So I locked her out of our room when I went to bed, because she was still wet. She doesn't usually sleep with us all night, but she cuddles when we go to bed, and then again in the morning.
Anyways, John comes to bed, and loses his shit at her puppy dog eyes at being locked out!
Haha. So we cuddled with a damp dog... All night. Of course.
I think she thought the bath was a punishment of some sort and she needed to suck up.
She's lucky she's so bloody cute.

Anyways! I have my good-eating work cut out for me this week.

Tonight we're celebrating my nephew's birthday by going out for wings (good boy). I know where we're going, and that's all fine.

Tomorrow we're having a barbeque at my bestie's, along with some friends who are town for our others friends' wedding. This is also fine - we're making burgers, and I'm bringing caesar salad so no worries.

Friday is the rehearsal dinner for the wedding (John is a groomsman). I have no idea what they'll be serving - it's just at the couple's house. I think I'm just going to eat beforehand.

And then Saturday is the wedding. That will be the tough one. I can do it though. I've gone to special events, drank and stayed on track before! I just need to seriously pep talk myself. Wish me luck!

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Sounds like your week is going well, YAY.


So impressed by your self-care; I need to take a page out of your book and take a mental health day now and then.

You are juggling so much with the work developments, and disc golf, and a side business, plus adulting! You deserve ALL the (damp) dog snuggles and quality rest.


The dress is gorgeous - can't wait to see the matching hair! Good luck at the wedding, you've got this!

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Phew, it's been a week!

Um, so I probably couldn't have made worse food choices over the last few days. So that's not ideal.

The wedding was great fun though! Everything went really well and it was a ridiculously good time! I drank too much, and danced so much my abs are killing me today and it was totally worth it.

But yes. For real real, my life should be calming down a bit now - there's really nothing major on the docket until the first weekend of August.
So I've decided now is a good time to do another Whole 30 :)
I am going to give my body the gift of proper nourishment for a month, and I'm actually excited about it!

I cleaned out my fridge and did some major grocery shopping today.
I also cooked up a big batch of chicken thighs.
Tomorrow I'm going to prep some stuffed peppers for the freezer. And maybe make some sauces and stuff if I'm feeling ambitious.

It begins tomorrow!

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