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Leveled up in my adult life, lost a few health points

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Evening Nerds!:semi-twins:


Could do with some advice here. I just startet my first job out of uni the 1/3 (woop woop conquering that adult life!).BUT I am struggling when it comes to food. At work we barely go two hours without eating (not kidding, start work @8 morning coffee with bread and cheese @10, lunch @ 12 and afternoon snack @14). I can visibily see myself putting on weight now and this is not wht I wanted for myself.  There are two things that re my "issue"

1) I sit behind a desk most of the day, so I have tried to lower my food intake by skipping breakfast/morning coffee, which led to me being unfocused and gave me a small panic attack (due to hunger, which my anxiety brain told me meant tht I would pass out and embarress myself).

2) I am worried that if skip (for example) the morning coffee routine that I will be considered odd or nor part of the team (oh hello anxiety! I did not see you sneak up on my there)


What have you guys done? Anyone with ideas on how to feed my brain without adding on the kgs? 

P.S. Only asking about nutrtion for the moment, as I want to be in control of that before I start looking into more exercise. :joyous:





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Adding in the real foods! Less calorie sense foods. Such as fruit or veggies with your cheese. Or even halfing a sandwich with carrots or oranges.


I myself am super sensitive to too quickly changing foods where I have the hard time focus when I change my foods too rapidly to just real foods. But finding a vegetable or a fruit cut up in my lunch bag makes it easier to eat calories, it works really well for the jobs where you have breaks.

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Fresh Druid Graduate Lvl 0

"It’s not what we say is a priority, but what we actually DO that’s a priority.”

(Quote from J.D Roth/ @Steve's Article https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/priorities/)

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Agreed on the bring your own healthiness. As long as you're eating or drinking with your coworkers you'll still have that bonding time (and if you bring enough healthy stuff for others, overtime you'll find that some *do* want to eat healthier but don't get the opportunity to).



This is part of the tactic to identify things to make it A. Harder to Snack and B. Easier to be healthy. 


For example, my coworker has candy at her desk - originally it was in a glass jar for all the world to see. While it's great so people can stop by and converse, a lot of our coworkers are "trying to diet" so it's counter-intuitive. I told her about an experiment that Google had done, originally they had clear tubes full of M&Ms for the employees and they used them constantly. By putting them in opaque containers where you couldn't see them, they reduced intake tremendously. So she started putting them in the drawer below the jar - people will still stop by for candy when they feel they need a sugar rush, but it's not nearly as much as it used to be. And since I don't see it I don't get an overwhelming urge to eat candy all day :D We also moved the "snack table" to the break room, so unless you're actively looking for food you won't see it.


Once you get more comfortable in the role, you could also start suggesting a morning or afternoon walk if there's good walking in your area - that's also a good way to wake up during the 3pm slump :3

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