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DeaReinvented's November Challenge


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This is my first Nerd Fitness challenge so I'm a little bit nervous. I've only just really started to genuinely be interested in fitness because I joined a rugby team this year, but I'm so out of shape that I've been afraid to play because I feel like I'd be more of liability than an asset.


At least 20 minutes of cardio everyday

3 weight-training workouts a week


Go paleo and stop weekend late night snacking


16 hours of focused study a week (I'm really bad about getting my work done)

Other stuff: I guess I would be an ogre (female, 5'7, 212) but I want to be a ranger because that's what would make me a better athlete.

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hey, welcome to the challenge.

good luck with your goals! and don't be nervous, we're nice, really, we are :)

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Glad to meet you, Dea! Good for you for being proactive - A friend of mine who plays rugby always complains about teammates who just show up for games and don't take care of themselves or work to improve outside of them. You've got great goals and you'll do awesomely this month!

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"There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength." - Henry Rollins

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Heya, teammate! Hope your first few days have gone well. Let us know if there's anything we can offer guidance or encouragement about!


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