All Guild Mini Challenge – The Long Night     Q&A before we get started:
Q: So this is a Game of Thrones themed challenge, huh?

Q: If I have never seen or read Game of Thrones will this still be fun and make sense?
A: Yes
Q: Will there be spoilers?
A: Only in the most vague sense. There will be no spoilers at all for season 8 events and only vague-ish spoilers for previous seasons. Nothing you probably aren’t already aware of from the internet. No book specific spoilers for those show watchers who haven’t read the books yet.   Q: Wait? How are you going to do this and not spoil Season 8?
A: We retconning this bad boy
  Q: What if I can’t participate in any of the specific mini challenge goals due to disability, injury, resources, etc?
A: Please private message @miss_marissa directly, as she will be coordinating this mini, and we can come up with a solution for you to be able to participate (you do not need to state your reasons in your PM).
Many Winters ago during the Long Night, a strange race emerged from the far North. Named the White Walkers, these mystical creatures had the terrifying ability to reanimate the dead into wights and induce them to do their bidding. The sole motivation of the White Walkers seemed to be to eliminate all life.
The Children of the Forest and the First Men fought valiantly, but the White Walkers drove them further and further South. Only when the first members of the Night’s Watch joined, were they driven back North - defeated. To protect the realm from any future threat of northern invasion, Bran the Builder constructed the Wall. A wall of ice and magic, seven hundred feet tall, thick enough for a dozen horses along the top, and stretching from coast to coast. The Wall shields Westeros from the far North.
The White Walkers: A legend passed down for generations. A myth. Stories told to pass the long winters here in Westeros.  
Or so you thought.

  The leader of the White Walkers, the Night King, and his army of wights have breached the wall and are heading South. You can feel in your bones this Winter has been different than the others, but your worst fear has come true.
As north men and women, you have been called by the Starks of Winterfell to protect the Seven Kingdoms against the army of the dead. Send your Raven to Winterfell to declare your intent to join the army of the living.
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