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Merrin preps for LARP!


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~ Like a fire, always burning, I'll be here for you ~


Time to throw this back to the pre-camp challenge from so long ago. I won't lie, I remain disappointed that the idea of Camp never came to greater fruition, that I might never see some of those folx again, that my cosplay class wouldn't get to see a second run. I worried that I wouldn't find such an uplifting, positive community again.


And then, on a whim, I went to a LARP this past Yule season.


And I had an amazing, magical, absurd, story-filled time.


But! I was not prepared for the emotional/physical/mental toll that it took. (Two days of Disneyland? Easy peasy. Been there. Two days of playing pretend with total strangers? That took some reserves.)


So, it's time to get the engines running and prepare my magical story machine for next month.


Rough draft follows, rewards to be decided if needed


Love is to Eat Anything Fluffy: Cook/assemble food 1x per day. Log all food into phone.

Don't Be Clawhauser: Limit sweet snacks to 2 per day. Increase water and tea intake.


Go for Walkies: loops on the parking garage for work days; loops at the park on off days.

Bees? Complete Darebees when possible, attempt extra credit. Include with daily stretches.

+Back Up Tigers: dance party.

+Venus: heavy bag, house/yard work.


Mirror Mirror: daily skin care + masks.

Hush: minimum half hour quiet time before bed. Reading, coloring, meditation, chores.

DatDA: class work as needed.

+Haruka: weekly free/errand ride.


Kissing Town/Boo'ya Moon: once weekly fun times with Ifrit.


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