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Tanktimus the Encourager


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Hi all!


We're currently taking applications for Guild Leaders and Guild Ambassadors. 


If you're interested, please fill out the application here:



This application will remain open, but we're looking to add guild leaders quickly, so for this current review, please apply by Friday, June 14th. 



If you have any questions about this or this process, please email contact@nerdfitness.com. 


Here are the roles and responsibilities for Guild Leaders and ambassadors:


A Guild Leader has moderator powers and help enforce the rules of the forums.


Ambassadors help the guild leaders with guild related tasks and reach out to members who are considering what guild to pick and act as an ambassador from your guild to help new members out. Ambassadors who have done a great job will always be our first choice to make guild leaders.


General Guild Leader and Ambassador expectations and responsibilities:

  • Be visible on the boards!  Be available to help out new users with questions.
  • Make sure all new users get a reply to their intro threads!
  • Acting as a role model for everyone else.
  • Act as a representative of your guild as a part of Nerd Fitness.  
  • Keep an eye on the boards, make sure no one is fighting, posting poor content, etc.


Specific Guild Leader responsibilities:

  • Enforce the rules of the rebellion and the code of conduct.  Remember that as a moderator, it's even more important for you to remember that we're all on the same team, and to see both sides.  If you're not sure what to do in a situation, contact the other guild leaders or email contact@nerdfitness.com (we have a team that clears out that box each day).
  • Remove inappropriate threads/trolling content/spambots
  • Use your best judgement. If you have concerns don’t hesitate to ask
  • Bring any issues you see coming up to team Nerd Fitness. The best email to use is contact@nerdfitness.com for this.
  • Bring ridiculously awesome things to Team Nerd Fitness. Please use the email contact@nerdfitness.com for this
  • As a moderator, you are representing Nerd Fitness. Any action negatively representing Nerd Fitness or violating the rules / terms of conduct is terms for immediate dismissal as a guild leader.


Guild Specific Responsibilities (1-3 Guild Leaders depending on membership in the guild, so some of these would be split across multiple people):

  • Keep the new FAQ/guild specific sections that we’re creating in order (like for example, the strength guild's lifting leaderboard.  i know a lot of guilds don't have those, but we can create them as we see fit.)
  • Work with the other guild leaders, make suggestions on what can improve the guild, and implement them. 
  • Encourage the Rebels and first time challengers. They will need help figuring out the challenge as well as which guild is right for them.


4 Week Challenges:

  • Move the guild specific threads when a new challenge is opened up.
  • Run some sort of contest each challenge. Can be a small mini challenge or a big whole challenge side quest.


We understand that as a volunteer position, and that things come up. Please let us know if you’re not going to be able to help out for a bit and we can find back up. The goal is to have enough guild leaders per guild to be able to allow for life to get in the way and still have support in the guild.


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