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Low Spoons: trying to eat somewhat healthy when you can't be arsed.

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Other people are welcome to add to this recipe book, but I thought it would be good to have a thread full of easy meals.

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This one is based off of African Peanut Stew and the inspiration called for okra.  


Dump one can of v8 into a saucepan.  Add a couple tablespoons of the cheapest peanut butter possible, basically as much as you can glob onto an eating spoon.  (For calorie counting, tare the peanut butter jar and measure how much lighter it gets.)  Add a good amount of hot sauce or paprika.  Bring to a soft simmer.


Optional, you can poach some chicken in it at this stage.  If your carb is going to be sweet potato, you can boil it in the soup but it will take a while.


Here's where the fun happens.  Add at least 2 servings of whatever frozen vegetable you have handy.  I usually go for spinach, peas, or green beans.  If you're going to poach an egg in this, now is the time to add it.


For the carb, I usually use ramen, but leftover sweet potato fries are good.  This can also go over rice.  The laziest option is cheddar goldfish crackers.


Easy sample:

1 can v8

40 grams peanut butter (average single-serve pouch is 1.5 oz)

dash of hot sauce to taste

5-6 oz of frozen chopped spinach (half an average package)

1 cup cooked rice.

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I've only ever made this in a rice cooker, so it might need to be adjusted for a microwave.


Put up to one cup of rice in the rice cooker with the appropriate amount of water.  Add a good amount of frozen peas and a can of herring in sauce.


I use peas because they don't get gross during the cooking cycle, but corn might work.  Canned mushrooms can probably substitute for fish if you don't like fish.  If the fish isn't pre-sauced, add a marinade or some salad dressing.  

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Instant ichiban w/ 2 eggs (drop in & cook with noodles) and 1c of frozen peas - hot sauce to taste.

Baked (or microwaved) potato w/ cottage cheese & olives.

Can of tuna, some avocado, salsa, and a bit of cheese all mixed together on toast/tortilla.


My personal go-to: unflavoured unsweetened whey blended with frozen blueberries

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If I'm dead exhausted and still need to cook, we often have either a "snack meal" like pre-cut vegetables, cheese, and summer sausage or salami (whatever's on hand).

If I'm super dead and can't even be arsed to chop things, scrambled eggs on toast and canned fruit. In some cases it's quicker than cutting cheese and salami. I can make the toast in a hot oven while I'm cooking the eggs and draining the fruit. I don't own a toaster.


Additional (edit point):
1. Canned chicken, drained, added to a can/carton of healthier-recipe chicken noodle soup. Microwave. Add baby cut carrots or something, and perhaps a few saltines.
2. Microwave oatmeal, or overnight oats. When I know the next day is supposed to be hot, I throw nuts and fruit and oatmeal and milk in a jar in the refrigerator. That's often lunch for me on the hot, hot days. (The hypertension means those are the days I'm too tired to think, and Fibro Man can't usually stand long enough to cook.)

3. Drained & rinsed can of chickpeas. A bit of feta and maybe some bottled minced garlic. Fresh spinach or cabbage, maybe lettuce, as a base for a salad. Bottled Greek style dressing. Some grape tomatoes. A slice or two of commercial knäckerbröd--with butter if I'm feeling totally down, because butter is part of my heritage. :)

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These are some varied effort recipes. Some require 5 mins or less and some require a bit more prep but its fairly easy.


Chili ... Seems like a lot of things but the most effort is cooking up the meat if you are using meat. 

- 1 can white kidney beans (drained)

- 1 can red kidney beans (drained)

- 1 can pinto beans (drained)

- 1 can chili flavoured diced tomatos

- around 1/2 lb of ground meat (or no meat if you are vegetarian or vegan or lazy) 

- (optional) 1/2 onion diced, 2 gloves garlic minced

- 1-2 bay leaf

- a healthy sprinkle of garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder
- salt and pepper to taste

- couple glugs of Worcestershire sauce

- (optional) cayenne pepper if you like some heat 

- (optional) diced carrot or corn


1. If you are using ground beef, dice up your 1/2 onion and mince your 2 garlic gloves then sautee with a small glug of olive oil. When they get transparent and start to brown up add your ground beef (or chicken breast, ground turkey, etc etc) and stir it occasionally. If using ground beef drain it when it is cooked.  * You can do this step the night before or ahead of time. To save time if I am doing this in the morning I open all my cans and drain my beans while cooking my meat.

2. Throw your beans, veggies, meat and tomatoes in the slowcooker.

3. Add your spices. 

4. Stir it and forget it. 


This makes a full slowcookers worth but luckily chili is a meal you can freeze or you can add into other meals.


Shredded Chicken in the slow cooker

- add chicken/vegetable broth or water to your slow cooker (usually around 1-2 cups)

- add chicken breasts

- salt + pepper and any other seasoning you might want

- stir it around a bit

- slow cook for 8hrs

- if you have too much liquid you can drain the slowcooker a bit.. but you want a little bit of liquid in there still

- shred apart with fork 

- add sauce.. or don't... enjoy


Once cooked you can have it just as it is with a side of a carb and veg or you can add it to things like tacos or wraps



- 1 package of frozen tenderflake pie crusts

- 3-4 eggs or equivalent of egg whites (I think I usually use 4 eggs but it depends on size and how much filling you put in. Start with 3 and add more if you need)

- 1-2 handfuls diced veggies/meat

- small handful of shredded cheese (optional)

- salt + pepper to taste


1. Take your tenderflake pie crust out of the freezer (needs to thaw for 15 mins) and preheat oven to 425F

2. Dice  your veg/meat/etc and shred any cheese that you want to put in (ie onion, broccoli, olives, mushroom, ham, chicken, tomatoes, spinach, cheese) * if you want you can sautee some of the fillings that might be better a little soft.. but not needed

3. Scramble up  your eggs

4. Add your fillings to your eggs and mix them up

5. pour in the pie crust

6. set pie crust on baking sheet and put them in your preheated oven for about 10 mins, then set oven to 350F and keep it in for an additional 30-35 mins or until the filling is set

7. let it cool 10 mins then enjoy 


Fritatta (basically same as quiche but without crust... cooking time might vary)



Pita Pizza

- Put pizza sauce on pita

- add toppings (cheese, veg, meats)

- broil for 1 min or until cheese is melted


Egg on Toast

- Heat pan with a spray of oil

- place 1-2 (or however many) eggs in. Sprinkle with salt + pepper

- toast your bread


French Toast

- Whisk up 1 large egg, splash of milk ( I like to use dark chocolate almond milk)

- If making a sweet french toast: add small splash of vanilla extract, cinnamon, pinch of salt, pinch of nutmug)

- If making savoury: add salt + pepper and maybe some onion powder

- Dip your 2 pieces of bread in the egg (makes exactly 2 pieces) and place into your pan that has been heated up with some oil or butter

I know some of these seem to take a bit longer but I find the prep is pretty quick and its the waiting for the food that takes awhile. 


Easy Baked Potato

- Choose a medium-large potato and wash

- stab with fork all over 

- put in microwave for 5-7 minutes (flipping it halfway)

- when you can get your fork in there easily its done

- add butter, sour cream, left over broccoli or chili... salsa... basically anything on top.


Yogurt Parfait

- 1 serving of yogurt

- 3-4 strawberries (or handful of smaller berries)

- 1/2 banana

- handful of granola


Sloppy Joe

- 1 small package of ground meat (I use beef)

- 1/2 onion diced

- optional diced carrot, peppers, zucchini 

- few glugs of random sauces (I use Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, bbq sauce)

-random spices (I use onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika, cumin)

- buns or rice or potatoes 


1. Dice your onion and carrot

2. Sautee your onion until transparent

3. While onion cooking dice up your other veggies (add them as your finish)

4. When onion done add in your ground meat and add your spices and Worcestershire sauce

5. Once ground meat is cooked add sauces until it tastes good

6. Place on your buns or however you want to eat it. 

"Mini Thanksgiving"

- Chicken breasts (ive also done this with beef and pork but cooking times and ways would differ)

- spices

- potatoes

- broccoli (or other veggie)

- packet of gravy

- optional boxed stuffing


1. Preheat oven to 425F

2. Put tinfoil in casserole dish for easy clean up and spray lightly with oil

3. Put chicken breasts in casserole and season (I sprinkle with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and paprika) 

4. Put some water in a pot and put on high to boil (for potatoes)

5. Once oven preheated, put chicken in and set timer for 22-25 mins (might need more time if you are doing more than 2 breasts)

6. Either steam your broccoli / veg in the microwave or a pot on the stove or throw it on a baking sheet with some spray oil and salt and put it in with your chicken

7. Check internal temperature at 22-25 mins or cut it open to make sure white. If it needs longer put it in for 2 more mins and check again

8. While all that chicken cooking is happening take a few potatoes and cut them up smaller slices and put them in your boiling water.

9. Start your packet of gravy (generally boil 1 cup of water, add packet and stir and once it thickens its done)... if you are doing the box stuffing do it now in the microwave

10. When you can put your fork in the potatoes (usually once the chicken finishes) drain them and add a bit of milk, butter or sour cream, some salt and pepper and mash them. 

11. Bam... eat your awesome mini thanks giving


Summer BBQ

- 1 ear of corn

- 1 potato

- meat


If using chicken breast cut them in half so they are thinner and toss in some oil, salt, pepper, random seasoning)

If using steak, take them out and either spray with oil and sprinkle with steak spice

The preseasoned bbq pork chops were pretty decent at walmart too


1. Start the bbq

2. Boil pot of water for your corn

3. Take your meat out to the grill, clean the grill and lower temperature to medium (you know your BBQ best) and put your meat on there and leave it for about 5 mins (if chicken or you like your steak well done)

4. your water should be boiling now... put your corn in and set the timer for 7 mins

5. wash, stab and microwave your potato (5-7 mins)

6. Go flip your meat and wait a few mins then test the internal temperature

7. Shut off BBQ and take your meat inside. Usually corn is done by now.

Food is donnnne 



- wraps 10"

- bbq sauce

- chicken/steak/pork

- 1-2 bell peppers

- 1/2 - 1 onion

- seasonings

- optional: diced tomato, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, shredded cheese


1. Cut your onion in strips and put in a medium heat pan with a bit of oil

2. cut your pepper in strips or chunks and add to the pot.. give it a stir

3. cut your meat in strips (thinner the faster they will cook) ... give it a stir

4. add any seasonings (I use salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder and cumin)... another stir

5. While meat cooking get any optional things ready (dice tomato, rip lettuce, shred cheese)

6. Once meat is cooked add a few splashes of your bbq sauce and stir it 

7. assemble fajita 

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