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Hi fellow nerdgoblins! I've finally decided to sign up and make my alter ego after reading "Level Your Life up". For months now my life has been passing by in a spur of numbness  and things I once enjoyed; fitness and art...brought no positive feelings in me. It started to worry me because fitness has always been a huge love in my life especially during the tough times. And i'm starting to realize its because i've spent years training, practicing but never committing to Plan 2 like participating in marathons, finally learn krav maga like I've always wanted to do....simply  putting the skills I learned into completing challenges and hurdles. I believe a lot of the "hopelessness" stems from working two menial jobs that have no room to flourish and grow as a career.  I hope that in learning to get out of my comfort zone and in taking up challenges will rekindle my drive and motivation that will than help me develop confidence. A confidence and a clear direction to help get my life on the path, a path I enjoy paving everyday for myself. I'm looking forward to meeting fellow warriors-in-training and can't wait to finally live this journey of mine. Time to switch off that autopilot....even if it means I might crash lol so be it. Time for a change!

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Love the name! Valkyries are somewhat of an archetypal rolemodel for me.


Menial jobs with no space to progress are really disheartening, I've done things like that for a long time. Working in a pub last year I began to think of it as research for stories, character ideas, and scenarios. Anything to make it mean more than just wiping tables and pulling pints. Thinking of it as funding for the life I want to build also helped... can you make any of those mental shifts? How's the up-leveling been going since you joined?


EPIC QUEST: To travel the world, writing, teaching and performing.

CURRENT QUEST: finish the darn PhD. (Deadline, Dec 2019)

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