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Scott Walters

Just starting again (so sad)

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So I am starting over again. I am still a fat bastard, and now finding I am struggling to do everything I like to do. Even walking is getting harder, and that's not ok with me. I have bought a training program in the gym, and I have managed to stick to it for a week at least. I am starting to eat better, which I am loving. 


But most importantly, I am going to be doing more meditation and mindfulness stuff. I know how to, but I have been lazy. And with the weight and feeling crappy, it has been spiraling me down into depression. I don't want to go there again, so I am making that my big focus. Lets see how I go shall we?

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I think your honesty here and the changes you’ve already invested in show that you’re off to a solid start.


You can totally do this!


Just remember to be kind to yourself. You’ll need time to grow and change.

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Got up a bit earlier, 20 mins of meditation.


10 rounds, 1 min on one off rowing (damn that row machine hurts)

5 by 5 bench at 50kg

12 by 5 rounds 10kg incline fly

12 by 5 rounds 5 kg front raises

8 by 5 rounds 30 kg seated press

12 by 5 rounds 5 kg lateral raises


Then I did an hour of yin/restorative yoga


So it was a good day!

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