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Trixie Falsae

Victorious Year

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Greetings, Friends!

This has been quite a victorious year thus far. I have wanted to do an obstacle course race for many years. I never thought I could do one. I kept putting it off, until I could do X or after I finished Y, or if Z happened to happen. I finally stopped all the excuses and signed up for one. I completed that one in March and completed my second one on June 1. I have some fun runs planned, but nothing heavy until next year. I actually plan on trying a triathlon next year. I've also learned to stop being scared of heavier weights. I have loved lifting for years, but for some reason I always hesitated to go heavier. After my second OCR, I knew I needed to start being serious about lifting and went out and bought the next weight dumbbells. My routine was difficult, but I managed just fine. I am actually looking forward to completing this round to see if I can be ready to level up again. This year has been all about cutting the excuses, stopping the hesitation and going for my goals. It is also helping me to set better goals as I have a clearer vision of who I want to be and how I want to get there.

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