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Cadence (bpm) and running to the music

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Hello there general... Rebels!


As I learn to run (None to Run program), I found here the info about "proper" cadence for running being around 180 steps per minute. On top of that, the example for proper cadence is given in form of Outkast "Hey Ya".  Here's my first confusion - "Hey Ya" is 160bpm, not 180. 


My problem is when I try to speed up to 180 bpm, it's like tip-toeing.  At 150-160bpm jogging is quite comfortable. I keep my stride short (not like that Kenyan dudes rocking 3m "steps"), but still 180 is way too fast for me.  I'm 193cm/6'4'' and it's like my legs have too much inertia and I don't have strength to swing them fast enough. 


Any thoughts and tips from other tall runners? 

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