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Morag's unexpected journey.


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Just about as late to a party as one can be- in fact, showing up right before closing time, ahem, but I wanted to say that I read through your challenge and I’m so very impressed with you. I can see the bravery in just about every post! Oozing it, really! Wonder when the next challenge is going up and wonder if you’ll be part of it? Would love to follow your journey [emoji4] 

No worries sbout lateness, I have been known to catch up with people right at the end of a challenge. You're here now.

Except last month I have been consistently doing challenges (at times only starting, but that's life) since April 2015. I sure as heck am not stopping now, so there will be a new thread when the threads go up and possibly I am ready to sort my sh!t out all over again...


I admit I was kind of aiming for a Hobbit theme with the title, but then I did not follow through at all. It happens.


And I don't know about bravery. At least two thirds of the time I have NO IDEA what I am doing, just hanging on to my stubbornness.


I wish my weight would go down, I wish I would be going to fitness class again, or lugging weights around at a gym, getting stronger, but I can't support that at the moment. I am barely getting by with my routines, I am just barely getting by. Life is frikkin hard lately, what about that?


Anyway looking forward to the new 5 week format, curious how that will change my challenge.


This week's zone is livingroom (for the kids it's floors) it'll be a good one.

I am not up and running as early as I would have liked today, but I am conscious and I am moving, if slowly. I will eat something after all the getting ready stuff, hop on my bike and hopefully sort out the state support stuff today.

I have a date with the Girl I'd Like To Be Friends With afterwards, one where I said I'll message when I am done at the office to let her know, since I can't at all predict how long it will all take.


I was in bed WAY too late (0:30). Sigh. But I sorted out almost all the papers. Hubby has one more account statement to hand in (#27) then it's all shipshaped. (As far as I can tell.)


I understand that they need transparency to determine if we actually deserve/need support. But it is pissing me off that nobody told me that there were things missing, just under the argument that I want something so I can keep coming and asking if things are in order.


So inefficient. Yes, it's efficient for them to keep taking care of the wheels that squeal, but I am a semi-put-together-adult, at least I pretent to be when there's a mirror arround.

Anyway. Gotta get the shower-getting-properly-dressed-eat-breakfast-hop-on-the-bike-thing going.


Do you guys know when the threads go up?

It's always a bit iffy with break week. For me break week belongs to the next challenge, so I like to set a new thread up early. But I also realize the argument that it is the break after a challenge and setting up new threads towards the end of break week is still "early" in regards to the new challenge.


I am too German for this world sometimes.


Life is "interesting".


Yesterday, at the park/playground: summer is awesome.



send from my phone, bear with me.





PS apparently the threads are up:


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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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14 hours ago, Morag said:


I admit I was kind of aiming for a Hobbit theme with the title, but then I did not follow through at all. It happens.


And I don't know about bravery. At least two thirds of the time I have NO IDEA what I am doing, just hanging on to my stubbornness.

l like "just hanging on to my stubbornness" is consistent with the hobbit theme! nothing more persistent than a hobbit! in fact, i think hobbits exemplify that kind of persistent-brave type. looking forward to the new challenge! i think I'm going to hop on too.

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Daily Battle Log, Sweat like an Orc, Live like a Hobbit, and Look like an Elf

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“As the Wheel of Time turns, places wear many names. Men wear many names, many faces. Different faces, but always the same man. Yet no one knows the Great Pattern the Wheel weaves, or even the Pattern of an Age. We can only watch, and study, and hope.”  Robert Jordan, The Eye of the World

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