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Hi first challenge as a monk.


I've always been a big fan of fighting games and shows like that, I'm also a massive mma/bjj fan. So this challenge is going to have a tekken theme. I'm also going to do this as a 6 week challenge as the tournament is 4th of August 2019.




1/ Road to the iron fist.


First part of the iron fist tournaments are the back story, I'm going to be training bjj 3x a week on avg during this challenge. I've planned with my shift patterns and injuries aside it should be possible. To allow this I will now be training in nogi jiu jitsu too, I already picked up my gear.


2/ Be in shape for the battles ahead.



- 2 x strength and conditioning sessions per week.

- 2500 kcals on training day, 2200 otherwise.

- weigh in below 235lbs at the end of this challenge.


3/ Increase technical skill

- dedicate 2hrs per week to watching technique breakdowns on the basics.


4/ Finishing move.

-work on submissions, the one shot ko in bjj is the blood choke, I need to work on having a choke available to me from every position.



Long term goals

1/ lose weight.

2/ compete in bjj (should be fulfilled 4th of August)

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Week 0 day 1.

Night shift this week so should be able to get plenty of training in.

1st bjj session of the camp out of the way. 1hr down. Only managed 4 mins Sparring as I managed to pop my lip when face met my opponents knee in a scramble. Still it's minor and will be fine by Wednesdays session. The 4 minutes were specific and high paced though so I'm happy with them. 2 mins top 2 mins bottom.

Worked on de la riva passes and a de la riva sweep this class. I'm finishing that I really enjoy a knee cut pass and it's getting added to my game quite well.

Hit a Lockdown from half guard to initiate a nice sweep during Sparring too. Hit a few nice passes, overall it came together quite well.

I also watched around 45 minutes of an online manual on Kimuras, specifically using them from side control as a method of control and how to take the back.

Diets been solid, good day 1 so far.

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Week 0 day 3
Weight 242.1

Got an hour of bjj. Why is it when I set goals I can't avoid injury. Looks like it's minor but I thought I broke my toes during a warm up drill tonight.

Guy pulls guard, as I'm pulled forward he shoots his hips in for a de la riva guard and the momentum causes my toes to plow into his arse/hip. Hurt like a bastard. Also went to a psh dinner the other day, wore new shoes. Open blister on the back of each heel. God damn shitty luck.

Still got an hour in tonight, should be healed up by Saturday so 3 sessions for week 0 is on the menu.

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Week 0 day 4.

Woo, no break in the toes. Just soft tissue injury, serious bruising. And it's sore but it's not broken. If anyone wants to see the pretty colours I'll attach the photo whe. I get around to it.

It's a very pretty purple colour.

Going to watch more bjj clips tonight. Ordered some tape for the toes for Saturday.

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Week 0 day 5

Took today as a rest day.

Been watching technique videos today, specifically John danahers high elbow guilitine stuff. I need to improve on my front headlock attacks, as well as my game in its entirety. I have a half decent regular guilitine but have never went for a high elbow style one.

Having seen the video I think I realise why I haven't been able to work out how to hit it yet. Looks like it might be a good option for me going forward.

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Week 0 day 6.

Still the morning but hit bjj which means I hit 3 times this week, might be fun down and a bit battered but I've got till Thursday now to recover. Next week it's my first nogi session on Thursday then gi Sparring Friday.

Got 1hr 15 in today and got a couple of good Sparring rounds in. Did well with hitting a nice straight achilles and an Americana vs different guys, my side control is massively improved, I can keep hold of It and start hunting subs now. Another ultra heavy I roll with complimented me on it post roll. Its a nasty spot to end up in and is going to be my goal to get here in the tournament.

Worked more de la riva stuff today, it all felt nice for me though I did struggle with hitting it in the specific Sparring. Need to try it more on an open mat after we haven't just drilled counters to it...

Sparred one of the better blue belts in specific Sparring and got my arse kicked, but that was expected. Did OK in spots. Love rolling with those guys as it opens your eyes to possibilities.

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15 hours ago, Devlin said:

Sparred one of the better blue belts in specific Sparring and got my arse kicked, but that was expected. Did OK in spots. Love rolling with those guys as it opens your eyes to possibilities. 

Welcome to the monastery!  


I don’t train BJJ, but I can definitely understand and appreciate training with partners that can kick your butt/ push your limits.  I’ve had a few instructors say to invest in loss- and it can definitely do some good. 

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Welcome to the monastery!  
I don’t train BJJ, but I can definitely understand and appreciate training with partners that can kick your butt/ push your limits.  I’ve had a few instructors say to invest in loss- and it can definitely do some good. 
Thanks for the welcome,

And yeah, training with better people is like getting cheat codes to learning techniques.
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Week 0 day 7

Rest day today, just been watching some technique videos.

Week 0 review
Bjj - 3 sessions completed. All went well. A few minors injuries.
Bjj research - 2hrs complete.
Diet - wasn't great this week.
Weight - didn't weight consistently. Need to get after in next week.

Next week.

Need to get more conditioning in this week as due to work schedule I can only make 1 class and an open mat later in the week. Possibly more research stuff.

Need to crack on with the diet and weight loss, stalled out the last few weeks and I need to do better.

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Week 1 Day 2.
Weight - 246.3
Bit disappointed by the upswing but diet hasn't been good so I can't complaint too much.

Been unable to train last 2 days, on lates mon/tues/we'd. Really struggling with this as I don't get in till late and by the time I getup sorted and fed it's work time.

Should be bjj Thurs and Fri anyway though for a bit balance.

Diet has been better today.

Will review some bjj technical stuff today.

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Week 1 day 4.
Diet shit.
Weight not checked.

Nogi bjj, amazing. 1hr training.

First nogi session since I began training just bjj, and first time rolling without a Gi for maybe 8 years.

Felt so much better, my escapes, sweeps and offence just felt much smoother. Not as herky jerky. Felt like I knew what I was going for.

Warmed up with 15 minutes of guard passing drills and then sparing for 5 minute rounds. I think there was me and one other whitebelt who I didn't end up Sparring against.

Took on a few really good guys and the rolls were competitive, stuff I did worked, I was always digging for underhook and trying to sweep and escape and on top was always working passes and trying to advance, zero stalling. Felt like I learned a lot today.

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Well yesterday went badly training wise. Didn't feel great, went to the cinema and got stuck in traffic and missed Sparring.

Should have had tons of time but simply didn't, a 15 min car journey went well over the hour mark.

Still I reevaluated. My diet has been poor and my training getting away from me lately.

I've had a few false dawns lately but I'm going to start again with renewed vigour.

Today will be a full fast to kick this off then back into intermittent fasting over the next week. I won't be weighing in yet and all food will be tracked on mfp.

Need to get back on track, luckily I'm an ultra heavy and don't have to worry about weight cutting currently.

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Week 2 day 1.

Bjj 1hr
Sparring went well. Specific went well and then open went good too. Worked my game and got to side control. Kept this working subs for 4 to 5 minutes but got over excited and Swept late, mid sweep had a leg tied off for and achilles lock but ended up off the mat. Spent the rest of the last minute in guard defending.

Almost hit a triangle from a meathook setup, just missed it.

Feel like the brakes are off and I'm starting to go for stuff more freely now.

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I can relate to this. You can have days and weeks where it doesn't feel like anything works and then all of a sudden something clicks and you start to make lots of progress very quickly. That's just training in general, though. I can definitely respect not being on the mats for Reasons, and also wanting to have a life off the mats, but you gotta make a point of showing up as often as you can if you want to get better at this.


To be clear, I'm not speaking from a place of judgment. I haven't been on the mats much in the past week either; it was a holiday week and I'm shifting over to a writing class for a month which unfortunately took a night. It sucks, but. Life.


And hey, at least you don't have to worry about the Dread Cut(TM). You can just eat and go and beat the brakes off of people. Good times, man. Let 'em roll.

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you gotta make a point of showing up as often as you can if you want to get better at this.

Couldn't agree with you more. Needs to be regular. Going for a min of 3 sessions a week currently.

Week 1 day 2.

1hr - nogi bjj, mainly Sparring. Drilled some knee cut passes with resistance.

Work was long and dragged but still hit up nogi bjj on the night. But training went well, 2 sessions down this week already.

Week 1 day 3.

Got lucky today, was able to pick up a grappling dummy with gi for nice and cheap to practise drills. Due to outside issues couldnt make tonight's class.

Once I got in I worked some strength and conditioning. Following this I worked some 5 minute rounds of sandbag lifts, med ball slams and then worked my way through some passing drills for time on the dummy.

Following this I worked my way through some technique on the dummy. Something I couldn't have done before. Happy with the new addition.

It's not near as good as drilling on the matts with a partner but drilling 100 knee cuts or stack passesin a row is a brutal thing to do to someone but I don't feel bad on the dummy. Going to look up some dummy drills I can work into my conditioning routine

Should be at nogi tomorrow and then Sparring the day after if all goes to plan.
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Week 1 day 4.

Diet was ok.

Nogi bjj - 1hr of good rolling and technique. Got complimented by the coach who, following a roll with him, said I'm improving and going for some nice stuff.

Also hit a couple of nice guilitines, rncs and damn near hit my first darce choke(haven't attempted to get them prior) but in the scramble my feet left the mat and got called to reset and just began from standing again.

Week 1 day 5.

Went out and bought some healthy food, also picked up a new batch of whey protien, the type I got last time was terrible and it was leading to me not wanting to drink it. It was also vile to try and clean. Picked up one i know I like with good macros.

I also got super lucky, aldi had gym mats in the middle aisle. £10 for 1.8m by 1.2m, so that's a nice new addition to the garage gym I have set up.

Got a couple of protien bars to help with snacking and a multivitamin/mineral.

Going to take the next few weeks of training seriously.

Night shift all weekend so can't make any of the classes, should be able to get some dummy and strength and cardio in though.

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Nice! Is the dummy proving helpful so far?
Great for drilling the mechanics of certain moves. It's obviously not as good as a resisting opponent but for example I was able to drill darce set ups and finishes for a good long time today without swapping over and was able to really squeeze it a good long time past what would be acceptable on a compliant opponent.

I was also able to practise passing drills on it as specific cardio.

I feel its quite suited to my needs as a bjj beginner. Not for everyone but for what I paid I'm happy.
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Lack of updates this weekend as I've been on night-shift. Diets been canny and rested a good bit.

On the plus side payday came and I registered to compete.

I will be doing
Ultra heavyweight gi and no gi and absolute in gi and nogi.

Currently there is only one other ultra heavyweight and he is in the nogi category with me.

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It should be a minimum of 3 matches. 1 in the nogi and 1 in each of the opening round of the absolutes since they're open weight. I should have a size advantage in the absolutes as I appear to be the biggest guy currently registered.

And it just means I can be way more aggressive in my approach, trying more takedown early and not have to worry about recovery for the next round. Not looking to play off my back at all in this tournament. Gameplan is single leg to guard pass, side control and hunt submissions/wear my opponent out.

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Week 3 day 1
Weigh in - None as I stayed up after nights
Bjj 1 gi session complete.

Worked more on de la riva and specific Sparring.

Then did a couple of 5 minute rounds. Hit a nice double leg, a triangle I was very happy with and a few decent guard passes. Feel like i defended well from my back, didn't give anything away stupidly. Hit a nice achilles lock too.

Week 3 day 2.

Day out on the drink with work. Won't be training tonight

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