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Haven't been very well the past few days. Stomach just feels off. Don't think it's from the day out as I felt fine Wednesday but yesterday and today I just feel rough.

Couldn't train last night as I was at work and feeling sick as a dog today. Been watching some technique stuff online. Assuming I'm OK tomorrow I'll be training on Saturday.

Off Mon / Tues so should get some training in then.

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Haven't updated in a while.

I did get to training on Saturday. We did 25 minutes of flow drills to start and I worked on guard passing to side control and taking the back if they try and scramble away.

The did several rounds of trying to sweep from my back.

The 2 rounds of open Sparring. Rolled against one of our top blue belts and only got caught once in 5 minutes. Defended everything else textbook and even got some offence away, this is a guy whos been to worlds and won matches before so I'm very happy with that.

The passing drills from top went well, I've been able to establish a solid side control and people only seem to escape when I open things up a little to try and finish. My guards feeling good too. Went for de la riva and when that Was countered was able to lock up full guard.

Week 4, I think, day 1.
Diets been solid today.
Should be at gi training tonight. A friend of mine has offered to come help me drill.

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Gi training tonight worked some reverse de la riva sweeps and achilles locks from here with a shin on shin set up.

Got 5 hard rounds of Sparring in as well as 2 4 minutes of specific Sparring.

Felt like i did well in these rounds. My back takes are getting much better from side control.

I also had a nice omoplata set up from a rubber guard attempt. Just missed it sadly.

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Trained gi last night and nogi again tonight.

Both were brutal sessions. It's roasting hot and humid as hell in the UK at the moment.

Those vinyl mats are like a swimming pool by the end.

Did 6 x 5 minute rounds of nogi Sparring tonight. Couldn't get a grip on a damn thing by the final round. Was hilarious trying to get any kind of wrist control.

On the plus side my top positions still as strong as ever. Did well from half guard and worked for submissions. Only got tapped a handful of times over the 6 rolls, my defence has improved lately.

Got a whoppint 1hr 35 minutes Sparring in the last 4 days. I'm a broken man haha. Going to aim to hit 2 of the 3 sessions in the next 3 days.

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Hey guys. Been training but not updating here.

Hit gi training on Saturday and today. Been working on worm guard today.

My game appears to have improved quite a bit recently. This competition prep has been a good thing regardless of how it turns out.

Going to do the last no gi session tomorrow night and then a seminar on the Saturday before comp on the Sunday.

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Did the nogi class tonight.

Was drilling a nice sweep single leg takedown.

And landed a little heavy on my knee. Felt a bit sore but shook it off and kept drilling. Looked down a minute later and had 2 enormous lumps one on the front and one on the outside of the knee. Both visible through the spats I was wearing under my shorts.

That cut training short. A bit of pressure has gotten them down to small lumps but they're going to bruise clearly.

Knee hurts but I can put weight on it fine and it only really hurts when I rotate my knee out.

Shouldn't cause me any issues but not great. Made it through this whole camp without issue and last proper session this happens.

Oh well in still at the seminar on Saturday then comp is Sunday. Plenty of rest till then. Was going to do some takedowns and passing drills but I'll give them a miss.

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Attended the seminar today and worked on some nice stuff to improve my game, drilled a lot of the fishnet if anyone is familiar with the move it's basically a reverse Lockdown position from an xguard sweep.

I liked it a lot.

I'm still competing tomorrow, the knees just a little brusied/sore doesn't feel like an injury. Going to modify my game suitably and if it feels like I can't shoot on it tomorrow it'll be judo throw attempts for the win.

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