Hey y'all!!   Piggybacking on last challenge, I'm working on trying really hard in a couple areas but only to a manageable volume, then letting myself be human the rest of the time and chill out, doing just the bare minimum. I'm taking inspiration from the Harry Potter books for a theme, specifically, sorting my goals into Hermione, Ron, and Harry categories (I'd love to focus on the Puffs instead, but they just don't get distinct enough personalities in the books for me to do much with it).    I'll be playing around with a points-based challenge with swag TBD if I do well. There's 125 points possible by my count (might be off by 1 or 2), so I'll set the swag threshold at 100 for now.   Hermione: The know it all, diligent worker - who also can work herself into the ground if she's not careful Commit to 1 concrete thing I'll accomplish each work day, then do my best to do the thing (1 point / day, 24 points possible) Finish summer semester lesson plans for my dance kids (10 points if completed, ideally in the next two weeks) Grad school work, 6+ days / week, 30+ minutes / day (30 points possible) - the unspoken goal is to stay 1-2 weeks ahead of the scheduled due dates, but if things start getting noticeably harder and I'm just keeping up, I'll be OK with that (I should have zero trouble passing this course no matter what) 7.5+ hours allocated to sleep per night, 8.5+ on Fri / Sat nights (35 points possible - because resting up is necessary to be able to work hard) (Unscored) I'll still be training hard in the dance studio and teaching kiddos - the goal is for sleep to be the only thing I work on that affects that affects my dance performance this challenge, besides lesson planning   Ron: Mostly doing the bare minimum - really just an excuse to give myself points  1 x strength training / week (consistent with what I've been doing) (5 points possible) 1 x prehab / pilates / week (also consistent) (5 points possible) Bonus points for any extra sessions or handstand play (Unscored) I'll be taking a bare minimum approach with things like cleaning, laundry, and meal prep - as long as my life keeps on ticking along with food to eat, clothes to wear, and not saying "YUCK" when I look around my home, it's a success   Harry: Bumbling around and moving the plot along - this is me giving myself a pat on the back for doing some required things and some small, optional projects that I'd like to wrap up Points for finishing any of these little projects and tasks related to moving in or sorting out some little things: (16 points possible)