The laundry = THE GRIND. But also, the laundry = the ANTI-grind?   A bunch of vaguely connected thoughts are motivating this challenge:   I've noticed that I struggle with the in-between moments. I'm good at starting and ending stuff, but not so much at the long sludge in the middle.   I struggle with transitions - if my routine gets disrupted even a little, I'm thrown way off! After a vacation, I take a long time to get back to normal.   I've recently gotten bad at just enjoying my free time when I have it - I'm always looking for something to do instead. But on the other hand choosing to spend my free time doing Japanese homework might just be because I LIKE doing Japanese homework? Maybe Japanese homework is the fun thing and "I should really play that video game" is actually the chore but I'm not in tune with myself well enough to know which it is??   I cannot do a relax??   I'm kind of scattered and unfocused - like I'm doing my usual 100 rangerbrain activities, but also I've been meaning to schedule a doctor's appointment for months and just keep forgetting?? I cannot get myself to use my BuJo to save my life. That kind of stuff. _______________   So this challenge is about doing the things, but it's also about giving myself permission to NOT do the things. It's about getting back into the swing of things that have dropped off ("the laundry"), but also about embracing the times when I don't have to do stuff and just enjoying being a person (ALSO "the laundry"). It's about trying to chill the F out. It's about asking myself "what do I WANT to do?" both in the short term and the long term. It's about asking "who am I?" but also about saying "who cares - I'm gonna go play outside."   Goals Start doing pullup stuff after Crossfit again. Probably continue doing pushup stuff too, but maybe not if doing both feels like too much.  Walk every day, even if it's just 5 minutes (weather allowing - darn thunderstorms) and/or sit outside, even just on the balcony Meal prep one super tasty thing for each week, and if then do it again if I run out of it DO WHAT I WANT (sub-goal: What do I want??)   Context for goal #3   Some other non-goals to explore: Put my bike in my car and go for a ride during a weekday when the trails are less crowded Go hike somewhere Start doing calf raises throughout the day Do more stretching, dangit Do some job stuff