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Challenge #2 - It's on!

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I just completed my first 4-week challenge last month, so time to move on to #2! Some things from last challenge worked out, and some things did not, so I'm going to change up my goals a little bit.


Challenge Goals:


1) Get down to 130 lbs. I'm currently at 134 (the lowest I've been able to get down to and maintain since I had my kids 2 years ago), so 4 pounds in 4 weeks should be doable. 

2) Release my latest book (the one I aaaalmost finished during the last challenge) and write at least 50% (about 30k words) of my next one - July is CampNano month, so hopefully this will keep my wordcount on track!


I'll complete these goals by:


1) Workout 2x a week - I had trouble with this last month, but am determined to get it in this time around!

2) Eat 'real food' at least 5/7 days a week with batch cooking! - I learned last month that if I do not have ready-made healthy food to grab quickly, I tend to reach for the snack closet when thing get hectic (and with 2 young kids, they get hectic quite often!) 

3) Continue intermittent fasting, which has been going pretty well for the last month, and has definitely helped to limit the number of calories I eat a day.

4) Write 8k words a week on my new novel (book#2), while editing my one from last month (book#1) for release on July 7th.


Between working out 2x a week, batch cooking healthy food, and intermittent fasting, I am hopeful that I will make my 130 mark : ) 


Current weight: 134

Current word count: 0

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Welcome! Good luck with everything!

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