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Chemgeek balances the scales


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1. Balance the mass scale: I stopped weighing my food and started relying too much on convenience foods so I started gaining weight again. Time to start paying attention to food. Get back to my happy weight range.


2. Balance the activities: Shift work start earlier to make time for exercise T/Thursday, and schedule workout time and stick to it on work trips.


3. Balance life: I am hitting a rut. Do one fun special and unusual thing, ideally with my partner, this month. 


4. Balance the checkbook: revisit my 5 year plan with an aim to get credit card debt free this year and debt free full stop by 2021. Set up a budget and a plan and self treats at major milestones, then follow through. Thanks to windfalls it is possible so let's set up a plan to make it happen. 

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Trying YNAB this month.


Things I like: concept of giving every dollar a job (and "fun" is an acceptable job). Not spending dollars till you have them, trying to get to a point where you are spending last month's money. Also like the idea of reserving money for stuff you didn't plan on and the idea of moving money between categories rather than borrowing so you never spend money you don't have. The app is also useful even if I am not giving it access to my bank info. 


Things I dislike: it seems to tread all debt as equally bad. I disagree - to me debt for a good investment is not bad the way consumer debt from living beyond your means is. It doesn't acknowledge formally that sometimes (not in my current case but thinking back to grad school) there's no wiggle room in the budget... Some of the inspiration stories they post gloss over the fact that the person got a job that pays more and that's a big part of why/how they got out of debt. I feel that's a bit dishonest. Fact is that if what you earn is the bare minimum to survive in your region, you're not going to be able to get out of it. Self discipline matters but so does income. Their program works for someone like me who genuinely makes enough to cover expenses and then some but it wouldn't help a minimum wage earner or me back in grad school because there was literally no fat in my budget to cut. 

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Right. Like that's a kind of financial trauma that I'm still getting over. Like when I was working all these minimum wage jobs and not making enough to do anything, I thought it reflected on me rather than admitting that while I could do the best I could do, there was only so much I could do.


It's exciting to hear you're looking at being a free man in a couple years! Awesome to see the grind go somewhere. :)

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In true My City fashion, we have jumped from spring to midsummer weather with no discernible transition. at least we did have a spring this year - normally the weather jumps from snow on ground to mid-90s F in about two weeks. It's not as much of a shock as normal.


City has heat warning so I  (TMI alert)



Brought a spare shirt because I suspected my first t shirt would get soaked on my walk in because I am a sweaty beast in the heat.  And it was a Good Thing. 


Tomorrow I will bring a spare set of underwear and pants for the same reason because damp nethers is a recipe for jock itch. And I sweated enough on the 20min walk I wish I had clean underwear in my bag. 


I am not joking when I say I sweat like a beast. My gi has been washed thrice this past week because I soaked through it at each class even before the heat warning.



I also have drunk over a liter today because it's so hot I dried out in the 20min walk to work.

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My sympathy on the summer weather. Our weather also switched firmly to SUMMER at the solstice. The worst part here is the humidity. It is not cooling off much at night either. Leaving the air conditioning is like walking into a sauna.


I prefer judo gis in the summer because they don't get as slimy as karate gis. I'm going to be dripping sweat regardless.

Level 56  Viking paladin

My current challenge    Battle log 

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I slept 10 hours last night and feel much better. 


My thoughts are no longer wading through molasses.


Was stiff and sore from catnapping in planes for 2 days so I skipped my planned morning run in favor of some in depth back stretching. Puts my run training back a bit but OTOH if I throw out my back that will be worse.

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So last week was a week. 


I finally got home 4PM Saturday and was totally wiped out. Spent the rest of the weekend sleeping and playing video games and more or less totally blowing off my plans for the weekend. Was so tired.


Got back into the swing of fitness yesterday. Still catching up on sleep. 

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