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The Shadow

Need healthy food ideas for a summer camp

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Hi guys! I am starting my boy scout summer camp in a few days, which is awesome. What isn't awesome is the menu. When we go, we are catered by the camp for all our meals. When buying food for 500+ scouts, the camp tries cutting costs, and the quality of our meals goes down. I am trying to eat a diet free from refined sugars and flour. This diet has worked wonders for my energy and has allowed me to lose 40+ pounds since December. I would hate to derail myself by the sheer amount of sugar in most of our meals. I was wondering if anyone could suggest healthy snacks that would last a week at camp. Also, ideas on what to avoid in camp food (besides the sugar wafers we get for dessert) Would be really appretiated!

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Go to the produce section and get whatever is appealing to eat raw.  A cooler should help extend the life, but eat the berries first and the harder stuff last.  Nuts are also good.  Canned meat will last.


And you're probably getting this advice too late.

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